Issue #3 - Narrative Magic

A Word From the Wise

I often go on Reddit to ask for advice and recently asked the question "Dice Rolling: Yay or Nay.  How much narrative power should dice have?" I got an answer so great I'd like to share it with everyone.
"Just remember that rolling should be fun. Rolling introduces serendipity. A dash of randomness can sometimes produce unexpected results. I like to introduce a roll when the uncertainty it represents opens doors for players, not just when the outcome is in doubt.
Also, players just like rolling dice. There's something primal in the very concept of the tabletop, taking fate literally into your hands. I mean, I love me some super immersive conversations where nobody rolls anything and things move along at a clip, but if we don't get to roll a die at some point, I kinda feel a little cheated. For me, the die represents the "game" part of roleplaying games, so without it, something's missing. I just ran a session this week for example where it consisted entirely of conversations, and while my players felt immersed and entertained throughout, their eyes still lit up at the few opportunities they had to roll dice."

- mccoypauley, a genius

On another note:
One of my reddit posts ended up on this wonderful podcast at 48:59.  Check out Potomac RPG's podcast here.

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Useful, Not Fun

I've decided to get rid of the Mayanja Spacial Awareness.  It's not overly engaging or fun and the little green giants are already awesome with their Regeneration.  I've decided to give them Photosynthesis instead.  Mayanja do not need to eat food if they are getting enough sunlight.  They also don't need to sleep anymore either.  I'm trying to lean into their plantiness a little more.
I've also changed the Delk, making them a little less humany and more like people from the agricultural societies I wanted them to be from.  They now get Skill Mastery to all Nature rolls and can choose a Tier 1 Skill Perk.

Berberoka bring the hotness

Berberoka are kind of like murder mermaids or siryns or sexy lava flow pool boys.  They sit around near dangerous places and wait for anyone to pass and then call them into their doom.  Here's how they might work in combat:
Illusioned Malady: Only affects one member of the troop.  When they roll to attack they damage another troop member on a Failure.
Too Hot To Touch: When making Melee attacks against the Berberoka Take the Low Road.

Sneak Peek!

The website is still pretty far from finished but you can have a look at it now!  Just click on the image above to go and check it out.  As always, let me know what you think in the Discord channel.  If you want to playtest contact me ASAP.  I love playtesters.

This Magic Moment

I think I've accidentally created something I LOVE with Cyberpunk magic.  Magic now affects various aspects of reality such as time, gravity, strong nuclear forces, and so on.  Players choose what aspect of reality they want to affect.  They can now spend their Sanity or Vitality to warp reality within the limits of their school.  What this has done is create a system where players can take control of the narrative and forego dice rolling by spending Sanity or Vitality.  It's still in its infancy but the first playtest went much better than expected.

This week I'd like to talk a little about Eli.  He's the very first playtester I ever had who gave my system a shot and really helped bring Fray together in the beginning year.  Sadly he has been momentarily lost due to schedule conflicts.  Here's a little about him and his role-playing experiences:
Q: What game got you into RPing?
A: I got into tabletop RPGs by watching The Spoony One's Counter Monkey videos. Regardless of whether his stories are fake or not, I still enjoy listening to them. My first RPG experience was with Pathfinder 1e, back in 2010. It was a public group at my local library, running the Ruby Phoenix Tournament adventure. Later, I joined a D&D 3.5 group that was playing there, and then a beta test group for an RPG that I refuse to name.
Q: What's been your favorite character you've ever played?
A: My favorite character of all time is difficult to decide. I haven't played many characters I like, and of those I do, haven't finished their stories. If I had to pick, I would say the cultist mage from Fray, Galen Morn. He was probably my most complex character personality-wise, as well as my first foray into an evil character. Balancing his devotion to his patron with his lingering morals and playing out that losing battle until he retired to basically become a villainous cult leader.
Q: What do you think draws you to RPing? / What do you enjoy most about it?
A: The aspect of TTRPGs that draws me in the most is collaborative storytelling. As a teen, I wanted to be an author, and I always loved talking shop and reading about writing. Being able to share in telling and developing a story with a group of friends is incredibly fun to me.

My System for DnD - This Week: Barat

Ability Score Increase:

+1 Str, +2 Con
Barat reach maturity at the age of 18 and can live up to 100 years.
Barat from the Takma Empire tend to be Lawful Neutral.  Barat from New Haven tend to be Neutral Good.
Barat are usually 210 cm tall.
Barat Base Speed is 30.
Thick Skin
You can shrug off some damage.  When you are hit, use your Reaction and roll a d10 and add your Con bonus.  Reduce the amount of damage taken from a single hit by that number.
You have horns that you can use as a light weapon.  They do 1d4 damage.
Martial Training
You can use Martial Weapons.
Barat can speak the Common Tongue
Spector Illustrators the last game of Fairy Trails!

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