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Stuff In General

Thanks for opening the mail!  It's always much appreciated!  So, what's been happening this week?  
I sprained my spacebar thumb, so typing this is excruciatingly slow.  I also learned some tricks in Adobe Illustrator I should have known from a long time ago... literally months of my life wasted because I didn't know about the effects panel.  Tutorials people.  Watch tutorials.
At the moment I'm only playtesting Fairy Trails, as it seems that the Fairy Trails Kickstarter is going to be the first to take off.  And I LOVE playing it.  I've never played a game that delivers more laughs per minute.  I don't know that I could make a two-year campaign out of Fairy Trails but it's an amazing six-month break between epic serious heroic stories.
Fray: Cyberpunk is evolving or devolving into something more narrative and cerebral.  More on that as progress continues.
I'm going to try and add a spotlight to the newsletter.  Either people GMing my materials, playtesters making their own stuff, artists who have added to the games, or just anyone who's helped out in the past that I want to give a shoutout to.
As always, please join us on Discord if you have any questions, would like to contribute, or just want to listen on in one of the games.  Players are also always welcome too!
All these newsletters are going to be put into the Mirth Drake Blog so if you missed any you can go back and find them.  The HTML for the newsletter and webpage isn't meshing at the moment so it's not pretty but the info is still all good.  Here's the link.
Finally: I'm always hoping to share my work with anyone who might like it.  Send your friends and family a link to sign up: http://eepurl.com/dH_xDn

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Starting Characters Are Now Less Powerful

In the efforts to simplify the system and make it more accessible I removed a lot of redundant character options.  The thing is, when you remove stuff, there's less stuff to purchase with your XP.  When there's less stuff to purchase with XP everyone can get everything and then everyone is playing the same character and who wants to play that game?
I reduced the amount of things players can purchase at the start of the game so players could focus more on the role they want to play without accidentally stepping on other player's toes.  The initial starting character package is designed for a four-player group.  GMs are encouraged to give smaller groups more starting XP if the players ask really really nicely.

Problems with Invulnerability and new Magics!

So, thanks to the awesomeness of one playtester named Shadow we all came to realize that it was possible to make a character that would almost never take damage.  I mean, they needed to roll snake-eyes to take half damage which is crazy.  This was a major blow to my ego, as I had once thought I was good at math.  Fortunately, we fixed the problem.  Hows now max at +4 and Weapons and Armor no longer give +1, they just allow you to use your Talents in Ruckuses instead of stacking with them.
Shadow also recommended the Puck Up Geasa, which might be broken, but I like it.  It stays for now.  Check it out in the newest version of the book.
Kittens McMittens inspired a new Geasa for fairy circles that will save you all some Dram when you're messing with defeated Rivals.
Spector pointed out that the Winter Court doesn't get Dram when their Scene Setter goes off and that's not very fair, so we put a stop to that.

Webpage Pending

So, there was going to be a webpage this week, but I'm waiting on one last piece of art, and I sprained my thumb which is making typing difficult, so you're just going to have to wait a little longer.

Technomancy, Less Perks, More Monsters

I think the Technomancy system is the start of something beautiful.  It might be dumb though.  I'll know once it's playtested.  Perks got more streamlined and organized so.  I'm working on Monsters now.  Since Combat is so simple I'm thinking that some monsters might have things like "Failing Conditions".  The idea is that if a player fails the Combat roll an additional bad and narratively robust thing happens to them.  If you've got any ideas send me a DM on Discord.

Ever wonder about the amazing artist that did all the character work for Fray?  Well, wonder no more.  Avtandil Gvaramia has been working with us for over four years, since the very beginning of the idea of Fray took off.  Lucky for him and unluckily for us he's landed a job at an animation studio that has taken him away from us.   Still, we wouldn't be anywhere without him today.  Check out his Artstation Page!  Also, check out this amazing video he helped produce.
Let's DnD 5e the Aledar!
Ability Score Increase:
+1 Str, +2 Wis
Aledar reach maturity at the age of 12 and can live up to 100 years.
Aledar from the Reaches tend to be Neutral Evil.  Aledar from the Greencliffs are usually Neutral Good.
Aledar are usually 165 cm tall.
Aledar Base Speed is 30.
Aledar Flight Speed is 30.
Heavy Load
Aledar double their carrying capacity when flying.
Low Light Vision
Aledar can see up to 10 meters in low light.
Aledar speak the Common Tongue.

The Newest Versions of the Books You Need:



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