Issue 1: Already Updating

What to Expect

Hey, ya’ll and thanks for reading the first newsletter.  I really appreciate everyone signing up.   The point of these newsletters is primarily to keep everyone updated on the systems but also to help build a community around Mirth Drake.  I’m the creator of all the games at the moment but that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for more people to join in. If you have an idea for a game, a game of your own, or just some random insights into gaming send me messages on Discord and I’ll do my best to get your ideas and voice out there with the platform I’m hoping to build.  I love making games, I want to hear from people who love playing games, running games, and making games.  If you like my games send your friends this link and see if they’ll sign up so more people can play the games you like and let’s see if we can get some stuff done together.

I’m going to try and do this on a weekly basis but we’ll see how that goes.  Every week I intend to include a little something for each game I’m making, along with any major updates.  I’m also going to be very slowly DnDifying the systems to make them more accessible to the vast number of gamers out there who only play 5e.  This is going to be mostly for Fray, but if I get good ideas for Fairy Trails, I’ll start including that too.


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No more Backgrounds!

I haven’t run it for a while but I’m still working on Fray: The Restless Sea.  
The biggest change I’ve made is that I’ve decided to get rid of Backgrounds and Hinderances.  It was a cool idea but it was always a little overwhelming to run and I always felt like one or two players never got what they wanted out of them.
Character creation has also been toned down a bit.  Starting characters will be less powerful.  The main reason for this is that while I was making characters I realized everyone had too many points and could cover nearly everything, there wasn’t much of a need to form a party at the beginning of the game.
Of course, in groups with less players GMs can always up the starting XP so I don’t see having the default setting of the game at “weak.”

New Court!

Court of Jesters
Strengths: Pizzazz, Cunning, Magic
Weaknesses: Mighty, Sneaky, Magic
Talents: Entertainer, Noble, Thief, Illusionist
Scene Setter: Who’s Having Pun? – You gain 2 Dram for the first three good puns of an Outing (your Troop decides if they are good or too forced).  After your first three puns you lose 1 Dram for every pun.

Stuff about the Alp-Luachra!

Alp-Luachra are nasty leech fey that suckle the sweet blood of their victims.
Attributes: Tougher than You’d Think x (Tipears of the creature it’s vampiring off of)
Attack: Mind-Controlled – This Malady can only affect one Troop member at a time.  They cannot attack the Alp-Luachra.


I’m making a social deduction board game using the art from Frey.  There are two teams: the Inquisitors who are looking to destroy all monsters, and the Monsters who hide in the shadows and aid evil nobles.  Which team will you be on and can you find and destroy the other team first?
More information as I develop the webpage.

Frey: Cyberpunk

This is a system in the making.  More of a pet project that I like to jump back and forth in and out of.  If you want to see how I stumble about making RPGs check in on this document from time and time and check out what how I bumble my way through creating a system and the world that it’s played in.

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