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Zombie ● Template ● Unliving

Zombies are Unliving monsters that hunger for the flesh of the living. They are slow and tough. They are usually created by necromancers but can sometimes occur naturally if a corpse is exposed to magical energies.

Special Properties

Zombies being controlled by a caster have brightly glowing eyes. Zombies that are aimlessly shuffling around have normal undead eyes.
Every werewolf has a trigger that forces them to change into a werewolf. Traditionally it usually occurs with changes in the moon. However, it is possible for the werewolf curse to be modified to have other triggers such as when a certain food is ingested or when a song is heard.

Adventure Hook

Zombie Village – A particular cunning necromancer has used zombies to craft and populate a small hamlet surrounding his tower.

Zombie Stats

Add these stats to the base creature

Aside from Detection rolls, Zombies automatically fail all Mind and Personality rolls.

Necrotic Energy
Any energy Attacks the base creature had are converted to Necrotic damage.

Zombies get only a Primary Action on their turn.

Spatial Awareness: 5
A Zombie can sense any living creature if it is within 5 hexes of them.

Add half of the base creatures Tenacity to Health. Remove all Tenacity from the base creature. Zombies do not have Tenacity.

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