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Zafeerin (za – feer – in)

Physical Traits
Zafeerin are around 190 cm tall. They have scaly skin that ranges in color from a light yellow-green to a dark bluish-green. They have intricate patterns on their scales and each one is unique. They have a tiny ridge of horns around their foreheads and their hair comes in every color. Zafeerins are the only Kindred race to lay eggs.

Example Male Names
Carvelle, Felix, Jasper, Onfroi, Vayle
Example Female Names
Belle, Diandre, Karlotta, Silana, Zuria
Example Family Names
Beaumont, Chelotte, Legrand, Martinez

Inhabited Areas
Zafeerin inhabit the whole northern coast of Valan’s Rest known as Scalon. The western half of Scalon is hilly brushlands with pockets of forest here and there. The eastern corner of Scalon is covered in green plains with large deciduous forests.

The Zafeerin Cultures
There are hundreds of Zafeerin villages and tribes but they can be best divided into two groups: The Hordelands and the Fireborn.
The Hordelands Zafeerin are large groups of nomadic warriors and hunter-gatherers who roam the northeastern coast taking what they can when they can. They are expert riders and consider horsemanship to be one of the most valuable skills a person can learn. They are usually hostile to outsiders, attacking them and pressing them into service on site. Most other Kindred consider the Hordelands Zafeerin to be little better than Folk races.
The Fireborn Zafeerin have been converted to the River Kingdom’s religion and worship the Dragon. They have put their own twist on the faith. The Fireborn believe that the Dragon should not just acquire wealth but also revel in it. The Fireborn Zafeerin are greedy swindlers when they have no money but the most generous and gracious hosts when they can afford to be. The Fireborn also serve as a bridge between the River Kingdom and Eastfield. Some of Ortha’s most powerful merchants and merchant guilds are located in the massive and garish cities of eastern Scalon.

Zafeerin in the Restless Sea
Zafeerin from Scalon are wanderers and explorers by nature, so it is no wonder that the Zafeerin have spread all throughout the Restless Sea. Every major metropolis will have Zafeerin sprinkled in here and there.
The largest and most notable Zafeerin city is far and away Freemire. Freemire Zafeerin are known for being loud, proud, and less than normal. They fight hard and celebrate hard. They are not known for being the smartest and are generally considered to be the most uncouth of all the cultures in the Restless Sea.
The Zafeerin of Reya’s Thorn are entirely different from those in Freemire. They make up nearly half of the city and the more notable members of that society are mostly kingpins of local crime. They are known for being calm, calculated, and intimidating.
Karkun also hosts a large amount of Zafeerins, living and working beside the Barat. The Zafeerin never strayed far from their Scalon roots. They scour the countryside and travel into cities looking to capture monsters and criminals to fight in the arena and reap the rewards.

The Hordelands Zafeerins worship the Rainbow Pantheon. Each god in the Rainbow Pantheon has their own color associated with them. The Fireborn worship the Dragon.

Noble Savages
The Scalon Zafeerin are barbarians with a code of honor. These Zafeerins are selfish when they have to be but will honor the letter of the law. They are honorable to a point. These Zafeerins are severe, trustworthy, and honest about their self-serving nature.
Give and Take
Fireborn Zafeerin live in North Field and have become expert traders. They are generous to a fault. They generally do not plan ahead and live in the moment. When they are down on their luck they can be dangerous and cunning. They are untrustworthy, clever, and lack self-control.
Très Bien
Freemire Zafeerin are a rough and rowdy crowd. They do everything with abandon. From partying to pirating to internal fighting these Zafeerins hold nothing back. They are generally unintelligent and do not think ahead. They live in the moment.
Shrewd Hunters
Zafeerins from Karkun are shrewd and calculating. They make plans and adhere strictly to them. They can become violent when others do not keep their word and their plans go wrong. They are impatient and strict.


  • Gain the Swim and Climb Movement method
  • Bonus Tier 1 Perk
  • Speed: +1
  • Regeneration: 1

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