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Yeolan ● Ancient ● Large

Majestic creatures that live in enchanted forests and mountain valleys, the Yeolan are normally peaceful. They will, however, attack if people stray too far into their sacred lands.

Special Characteristics
  • High Ground Advantage: Yeolans gain Advantage on Attacks when attacking from hexes higher than their targets.
  • Keen Nose: Yeolans gain Advantage on rolls where scent might help.

Yeolan prefer to engage in non-lethal combat if possible. They will usually subdue a Foe or force them to run away. They will try to stay out of range and use cover, pelting Foes with their magical abilities in attempts to drive them off.

Adventure Hook

Problems Moving Bodies – A group of Yeolan have been attacking merchants because they are shipping dead bodies to a necromancer near the Yeolan’s part of the forest.

Yeolan Stats

PD: 4     MD: 4     AD: 4

Health: 18      Tenacity: 20

Initiative: 8      Speed: 7 (Climb, Walk)     Resilience: 2

Bra: 4     Fin: 4     Ref: 4
Int: 3     Wit: 4     Awa: 4
Cha: 3    Per: 4     Com: 4

Skills: Athletics 1, Convince 1, Detection 2, Intimidate 2, Natural Attack 1, Natural Magic 2, Nature 2, Mythology 3

Traits: Mystical ● Secretive ● Wise

Primary Actions

Melee Attack
4D + 1 vs PD
Deals 1d8 + 4 damage.

Elemental Attack
Magic Attack
4D + 2 vs PD ● Medium
Deals 1d8 + 3 damage (energy) and the Targets are Blinded.
1 / Combat
Add +2d8 damage.
1 / Combat
Change Range to Cone: 5 from Self.

Secondary Actions

Wind Push
Magic Attack
4D + 2 vs PD ● Medium
The Target is Moved 3 hexes.

Magic Ability
1 / Combat
The Yeolan becomes Intangible until they make an Attack.

Heal Self
Magic Ability
1 / Combat
The Yeolan heals 1d10 + 3 Vitality.


Magic Attack
1 / Combat
〇 A Foe begins to use Magic.
4D + 2 vs Caster’s Spike ● Medium ● 1 Foe
The Yeolan Counterspells the Magic effect.

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