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Wyvern ● Dragon ● Huge

Wyverns are the least intelligent of the dragons with some of them never even mastering the ability to speak, but they are as brutal and vicious as they are simple. They attack anything that approaches their hoards. Wyverns are considered more dangerous than Serpents because of their violent natures and their sudden attacks.
Wyverns live in the mountains or in the deep forests. Anywhere that has high roosts for them to build nests and raise their young. They prefer to hunt from the air but forest Wyverns have been known to go to ground to find food.
Encounters with Wyverns vary widely depending on the age of the Wyvern encountered. Young Wyverns will usually attack mercilessly for the simple joy of killing and dominating. Older Wyverns might have learned the common tongue and if they are too tired to hunt will simply engage in rather insulting rhetoric.

Special Characteristics
  • Greedy: Social rolls attempting to sway the Serpent using massive amounts of Coin gain 1 free Success.
  • Mount: This creature is suitable as a mount.
    Trample: 5
    Special Attack: Dragon’s Breath

Wyverns are the most aggressive of all the dragons. They prefer to engage in Melee, but will still position themselves as tactically as possible to gain the best use of their Dragon’s Breath.

Adventure Hook

Bring Me Its Eggs – A local noble has decided that he wants a wyvern mount and has put out a request and hefty reward for wyvern babies or eggs.

Wyvern Stats

PD: 4     MD: 4     AD: 4

Health: 26      Tenacity: 20

Initiative: 6      Speed: 8 (Flight, Walk)     Hardness: 5     Resistance (all): 5     Resilience: 3

Bra: 5     Fin: 5     Ref: 4
Int: 2     Wit: 2     Awa: 3
Cha: 2    Per: 2     Com: 3

Skills: Athletics 2, Detection 1, Natural Attack 2, Nature 2, Stealth 1

Traits: Greedy ● Impatient ● Vicious

Primary Actions

Melee Attack
5D + 2 vs PD
Deals 1d10 + 5 damage.

Melee Attack
5D + 2 vs PD

Deals 5 damage and the Target is exposed to Wyvern Poison.

Dragon’s Breath
Ability Attack
5D + 1 vs PD ● Cone: 3 ● Characters

Deals 2d12 + 5 damage (energy, acid, necrotic, mental). If the Wyvern misses Targets still take 5 damage.

Secondary Actions

Melee Attack
5D + 2 vs PD
Deals 5 damage.


Wyvern Poison
CR: 3
Weakened and Wounded: 3.

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