The Wyld Court



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The Wyld Court

Strengths: Any two Hows
Weaknesses: Any two Hows

Court Training: Any Talent

Court Training: You don’t get a Geasa when you start.

Wyld are courtless Fey.  You can purchase Hows and Geasa for -5 Dram but Talents cost +5. 

Wyld Fey may join a court during the game but to do so the must tithe 20 Dram to their court.  After which they can choose 1 court Talent.  Wyld Fey keep their original Scene Setter and also gain the Scene Setter of the new Court.

Scene Setter:

Whatever I want: Choose one scene setter from any other Court.  This is your Scene Setter. If you join another court your Scene Setter changes to that of the court you joined.

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