Wild Folk



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Wild Folk Folk ● Medium

Wild Folk are bulky, green skinned creatures. They see themselves as protectors of nature and have a deep hatred for the Kindred, or really any creatures that stray from a hunter-gatherer lifestyle. Their lands are heavily trapped and they hunt anyone who enters them relentlessly.
Wild Folk villages are large and sprawled out. A village of one hundred Wild Folk can span kilometers with hundreds of traps in the area. While they have not developed agriculture they have learned to protect areas where fruits and vegetables grow. They have also learned how to maintain animal populations with sustained hunting practices.
Wild Folk loathe the kindred and can barely stomach most of the other Folk races. They will attack most of them on sight. They will sometimes mount raiding parties and raise small hamlets for no reason.

Special Characteristics
  • Basic Language: Wild Folk have their own simple, local languages which lack the ability to express more than basic ideas. They can learn the Kindred Tongue, but use it in the same simplistic way as their own languages.

A group of Wild Folk fight as a unit, with some engaging in melee while their allies fire with longbows – then they switch out.

Adventure Hook

We Are Here – A group of Wild Folk are demanding a meeting with a group of loggers to halt foresting – but it’s a ruse so the Wild Folk can hit their camp.

Wild Folk Stats

PD: 4     MD: 3     AD: 3

Health: 18      Tenacity: 18

Initiative: 6      Speed: 6      Regeneration: 3     Resilience: 2

Bra: 4     Fin: 2     Ref: 3
Int: 2     Wit: 3     Awa: 3
Cha: 3     Per: 3     Com: 3

Skills: Archery 2, Athletics 2, Detection 2,  Intimidate 1, Melee 2, Natural Magic 2, Nature 3, Mythology 1

Traits: Brutal ● Protective ● Proud

Primary Actions

Melee Attack
4D + 2 vs PD
Deals 1d10 + 4 damage.

Ranged Attack
3D + 2 vs PD
Deals 1d10 damage.

Secondary Actions

Poison Weapon
1 / Combat

The next time the Wild Folk hits with a Melee or Ranged Attack, the Target is exposed to Wildberry Poison.


Tactical Feint
〇 A Foe Targets the Wild Folk with an Attack
The Target has Disadvantage.

Wildberry Poison
CR: 4
Wounded: 2

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