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Werewolf ● Template ● Cursed

The werewolf template is only applied when the cursed character is changed into their beast form. While the character is not changed into their beast form this template grants them no benefits or disadvantages.
Werewolves are cursed Folk or Kindred that turn into a hulking beast at one specific time during every month. While they are in their beast form they have no control over their actions. They seek to hunt and kill any other Folk or Kindred that they come across.
This template is useful for applying any type of lycanthropy to characters. All civilizations have stories about men and women turning into animals and gaining more power from it or having it drive them mad. This template need not only apply to wolves.

Special Characteristics

Werewolves are the victims of a curse from the gods but sometimes the curse can be spread through their bite. Curing or removing the curse is relatively easy and just requires a simple Primal Magic Ritual or a Greater Consumable. The problem, however, is that most victims of the curse are unaware they are afflicted by it.
Every werewolf has a trigger that forces them to change into a werewolf. Traditionally it usually occurs with changes in the moon. However, it is possible for the werewolf curse to be modified to have other triggers such as when a certain food is ingested or when a song is heard.

Adventure Hook

One of These is not Like the Other – An entire hamlet is cursed with lycanthropy and all change at the same time, making it survivable for the hamlet but not for anyone else.

Werewolf Stats

Add these stats to the base creature

Bite and Claw
2 Melee Attacks
Add the following Attacks as a Primary Action:
Finesse + Athletics
Deals 1d6 + Brawn damage.
Finesse + Athletics
Deals 1d8 + Brawn damage.

Keen Nose
Werewolves gain Advantage on Detection rolls where scent might help. Invisible or Hidden creatures Adjacent to them do not gain any benefit against them. At the GM’s discretion, they might know when someone is shapeshifted or disguised near them.

Night Vision
Werewolves have Night Vision.

Silver Vulnerability
Werewolves have Vulnerable (silver): +10

Gain Advantage on all Brawn rolls. All Melee Attacks are Strengthened.

Werewolves gain Hardness: +3.


Control the Change
Tier 2
Blast: 2 from Self ● Characters
The character can turn into a werewolf outside of their normal time. Unfortunately, they still lose control during the change. Their change lasts until the end of the Scene.

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