Types of Fairies



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Great.  So, like, what do I get to do as a Fairy?

All fairy have certain things that make them special.  They’re all gifted with magical abilities no matter how they were born, or what they’ve done, or how old they are.  Here’s a short list of everything every fairy gets to do.

  1. All fairies can talk to animals that can talk.  Driver’s get to decide what animals can and can’t talk.  Animals still can’t talk to other creatures.
  2. All fairies can sense magic.  Each fairy senses it differently.  Some smell it, some see it, some even hear it but when there is magic in the vicinity fairies know.
  3. Fairies can speak any language so long as the speaker is trying to communicate with the fairy and not disguise their words.
  4. Fairies may shrink any item that has been given to them down to a size small enough to be easily carried.  The item may have been given through means of magical enchantment, trickery, intimidation, or any other means of skull-duggery.  Stolen items, or items plucked from a dead body, do not shrink to accommodate fairies.

Kith (species / speciebus de fatum)

Your Kith is how you were born.  Fairies bodies are malleable and as you grow older your body can change and adapt to be different and unique from others in your Kith, but when you begin life, you begin just like every other fairy.   Choose your Kith and gain the abilities that come with it.  


Imagine a gnome.  They’ve got the big noses and the big ears and big eyes.  Geargiks are quite a bit like that.  They are the shortest of the fairies and usually have long beautiful silky beards.  Geargiks like to keep everything clean and tidy and are known for their fastidiousness.  They tend to be a bit rounder and less cut than most of the other fairies.

Things Geargiks get:

  • Geargiks get an extra equipment slot.

Gnashers are tough guys.  They are big and bulky and while they may not be as tall as pixies they are usually twice as broad.  They are usually dark-colored, like various shades of dirt or dead leaves.  They have large spikes on their back they like to coat with poison.  Their teeth are sharp.  So are their fingertips.  So are the tips of their toes.  Really they’re just sharp and mean all over.

Things Gnashers get:

  • Gnashers gain the Claws and Fangs.  They are always considered to have a weapon.
  • Gnashers can climb on things like a squirrel.

Glimmers are weird ones.  Their skin is almost translucent and sometimes it glows.  They have big eyes and stringy hair and they always seem to be floating like they’re lighter than air.  They look like really beautiful ghosts and always seem to be smiling even when they’re mad.

Things Glimmers get:

  • Glimmers can slip through anything that is less than one Tipear thick.  They become intangible and ghostlike.

They look like tiny anthropomorphic animals. Kind of like rat people, or cat people, or bird people.  How much they look like an elf or Shea or human and how much of them looks like an animal varies drastically.  I’ve seen some fairies that have an entire snake body with just an elven head.  I’ve seen other ones that have an entirely human body with nothing but a fox tail.  Who knows with these guys.

Things Mirrors get:

  • Mirrors can project a small illusion around themselves of the animal that they look like.  You choose which animal it is while you’re making a fairy and can’t change it after that.

Nixies are the aquatic version of pixies.  They’re pretty tall and have an unhealthy thinness.  They look right down frail.  Their skin is black to dark blue to purple.  They have smaller eyes than the pixies and their hair is much thicker and usually kept long.  They have webbing on their hands and feet they can retract.  They also have fins on their forearms and legs that are also retractable.

Things Nixies get:

  • Nixies gain the Swimmer Rian and can swim through any connected water.  Even if a tiny puddle is just going under a door, a Nixie can swim from one side to the other.

When most people think of fairies they think of pixies.  These are the little guys with the beautiful butterfly wings that go flitting from flower to flower.  They are way too skinny for my liking, some would say unnaturally so.  Most of them have large eyes and pointed ears although that’s very case by case.  Pixies are usually the taller among the fairies.

Things Pixies get:

  • Pixies can fly.

Sproutlings are by far the most attractive of all the fairies.  Our, I mean “their”, bodies are lean and carved from oak.  Most of them sprout flowers in various places on their bodies.  Some of them grow thorns.  They come in all shapes and sizes, most of them quite amazing.  They are smaller than pixies by a bit and while their movements are precise and steady some other people consider them awkward and slow.

Things Sproutlings get:

  • They can turn into small flowers.  While they are a flower they can still see and hear as normal but they cannot move.

Note to the Driver: Don’t tell anyone, I’m a sproutling!

Geasa (magic spells / magicae)

What makes fairies different from each other?

Well, lots of things do but let’s start with Geasa. No two fairies are alike.  Unless they’re clones, or doppelgangers, or duplicates from an alternate magical realm, and even then they’re not exactly alike.  Geasa are traits that affect or expand abilities. These can be things like supernatural detection powers, or a luring song.  At the beginning of the game, each fairie gets Geasa.  Throughout the game, you can use Dram to purchase more Geasa.  Faeries are encouraged to come up with their own Geasa and Drivers should let them if they think the Geasa will be fun and fair.

All Geasa cost 1 Dram to use, but don’t worry, you get lots and lots of Dram.

List of Geasa:
  • Strong Blade – You can take the high road on your next roll during a Physical Ruckus.
  • Sharp Tongue – You can take the high road on your next roll during a Social Ruckus.
  • Pacifist – You can use your Cunning or Pizzazz in a Physical Ruckus.
  • Puff Up – You can use your Mischief or Mighty in a Social Ruckus.
  • Invisibility – Become invisible for a very short time.
  • Flourish – Cause plants in your area to grow extremely rapidly.
  • Alluring Voice – You can lead a small group of people and creatures a short distance to wherever you are singing.  You can keep leading them, but you have to keep spending Dram to do it.
  • Down Size – Shrink someone to fairy size for a short amount of time.  They must be willing.
  • Fast Tasker – As long as you have the materials you can build anything in around one minute.  The more complex an item you create the less time it will be able to function.  Simple items can last forever though.
  • Healing Touch – Remove one level of damage or one malady.
  • Throw Senses – Choose an element or creature (probably fire or water for elements, but other stuff like earth and wood are fine if your Driver allows it).  If your chosen element or creature is in your vicinity you can see and hear through it.  You can take this Geasa more than once, choosing a different element or creature every time.
  • Visions – Roll Cunning or Magic.  On a Partial Success, you can ask the Driver one yes or no question about the situation you are in and they have to answer honestly. On a Full Success, you get two questions.
  • Blessing – Give another character a +2 to their next roll.
  • Curse – Inflict an NPC with terrible luck.  The curse remains for around a week or until you remove it.  While the NPC is cursed everything they attempt results in utter failure.  This does not affect their Ruckus Bucket against your troop though.  You may only Curse one person at a time.
  • Animate – An object around you no bigger than a small table can be controlled by you.  It’s not very good in combat though.
  • My Size – You can permanently shrink unattended objects down to fairy size.  Nothing bigger than 5 Tipears.  It costs you a Dram to return them to normal size.  Shrinking something down and making something grow cannot cause direct damage to a living thing or a structure, but it can get in people’s way.
  • Fey Contract – You place a set of magical stipulations on a willing participant.  This could be anything from an agreement to never do something to an agreement to do a specific set of actions.  Anyone that breaks your contract must make amends with you or be carried off into the Fey Wilds within about a week’s time.
  • Mobile – You can fly, swim, climb, or burrow for a long amount of time.

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