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I hope you enjoy Fray as much as I enjoy creating it.  There are still lots of plan for the Fray system and the world around the Restless Sea.  I plan on expanding the world of Ortha to include a much more detailed setting and dozens of more beasts.  Also, I plan on updating the playable races at some point.  In the future, I intend on the setting advancing into Modern and Sci-Fi eras with all the rules to support them.

Unfortunately, it takes art to really bring the system to life and I am no artist.  I’ve been lucky to work with some incredibly talented people but I’ve still got to pay them.  With support from GMs and players I can give the artists more money and Fray can progress at a much faster rate.  There’s really nothing I like more than writing the rules and working with the artists to help bring a fun game to your tables.


The first Kickstarter project will be focused on the Core Rules, Character Creation, Setting, and Bestiary.  This Kickstarter will be starting sometime within the next three months.  If you’d like to support the project on Kickstarter please sign up for the Newsletter so I can let you know when the project starts.  If you have signed up for the Newletter before, please do it again.  We have since changed servers and the list was lost with the service changes.

Also, by signing up for the Newletter you’ll receive system updates and rules changes.  I promise you won’t be spammed with unwanted messages.  I’ll send out emails for major updates, systems changes, and Kickstarter programs.


 If you’d like to help Fray out right now, or if we’re currently not running a Kickstarter, you can always use PayPal to send a donation our way.  All of the money you donate will go to starving artists so they can draw awesome pictures to help bring your games to life!

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Half of the difficulty of getting a good system out there is getting it onto people’s tables.  If you like this system share it on FaceBook, or Twitter or whatever social media you use.  Run a game at your local gaming store and point people toward the website.  Join us on our Discord and find other GMs or players.  Get in contact with me at and let me know what you think.  I made this game so people can enjoy it and I love helping in any way I can.

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