Shadow Folk



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Shadow Folk Folk ● Medium

Shadow Folk are creatures that mostly live in caves and underground. While light doesn’t harm or inconvenience them, they have a strong tendency to use the cover of darkness. They are highly hostile to anyone, even other Shadow Folk tribes.
Shadow Folk villages are ruled by the most violent and sadistic member of the village. They are rarely challenged and when they are it is always a challenge to the death. Every ruler is a different type of horrible and their people adapt to reflect it. Many villages have the heads of their enemies on spikes on the outside of the village.
Even if Shadow Folk do speak the Common Tongue there is almost no negotiating with them. Only if the Shadow Folk see characters as overwhelmingly powerful will they entertain the idea of talking with them.

Special Characteristics
  • Basic Language: Shadow Folk have their own simple, local languages which lack the ability to express more than basic ideas. They can learn the Kindred Tongue, but use it in the same simplistic way as their own languages.
  • Night Vision

Shadow Folk prefer to track and ambush their targets. When in combat, they work as a group to hide and then attack their Foes en masse.

Adventure Hook

Enemy of my Enemy – A group of Small Folk are looking to hire mercenaries to clean some Shadow Folk out of a cave that they want for themselves.

Shadow Folk Stats

PD: 4     MD: 3     AD: 2

Health: 14      Tenacity: 16

Initiative: 7      Speed: 7 (Climb, Walk)

Bra: 2     Fin: 4     Ref: 4
Int: 1     Wit: 3     Awa: 3
Cha: 1     Per: 1     Com: 2

Skills: Athletics 1, Detection 2, Insight 1, Intimidate 1, Investigation 2, Melee 1, Nature 1, Thievery 1

Traits: Barbaric ● Patient ● Sneaky

Primary Actions

Melee Attack or Ranged Attack
4D + 1 vs PD ● Short
Deals 1d6 + 2 damage. Gain +2 damage if the Shadow Folk has Advantage on the Attack Roll.

Secondary Actions

Melee Attack
4D + 1 vs PD
Deals 1d4 + 2 damage. Gain +2 damage if the Shadow Folk has Advantage on the Attack Roll.

Free Actions

Once per Round, a Shadow Folk can roll Stealth CR: 3 when it spends Movement if it has Cover to become Hidden

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