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The setting is currently unavailable on the webpage.  If you’d like to get your hands on it please support us when our Kickstarter begins.  If you sign up for our newsletter we will update you about our Kickstarter.  Also, if you follow us on any of our social media or join our Discord page you can get the updates.  We’re not going to leave you with nothing though.  Here are two maps (not professionally drawn yet) of the Restless Sea and Ortha.


Here’s just some of the things you’ll get with the setting chapter once it’s released:

  1.   The History of the Kindred
  2. An explanation of the Echo (the spirit world) and how it fits into the world.
  3. A brief description of each of the areas in Ortha.
  4. A full page description of each of the major cities in The Restless Sea.  These descriptions include major holidays in the religion, their political allies and enemies and at least three adventure hooks for when characters enter the city.
  5. 10+ Pantheons and religions for the world

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