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Scamp ● Echo ● Tiny

Scamps are tiny horrible creatures that exist primarily to torment people. They are surprisingly hearty and difficult to kill. They come in all shades of colors with a wide variety of looks. Most Scamps seek out stronger creatures or characters and gather around them for safety.
Scamps often come to the real world with more powerful creatures. They delight in serving these powerful creatures until they are destroyed or until the Scamps find something else that catches their attention. Scamps are often summoned by more nefarious spellcasters to plague their enemies.
Spellcasters who take Scamps as their familiar are usually looking for a creature that delights in evil and is difficult to kill. Normally these familiars are given a wide berth and are treated more like henchmen than actual familiars.

Special Characteristics
  • Familiar: This creature can be taken as a Familiar.
  • Expert Flier: Attacks against a Varok Wolf while it is flying do not gain Advantage and Attacks they make while flying do not have Disadvantage.

Scamps are tenacious creatures that rely heavily on their Hardness and Regeneration. They will generally attack the strongest Foe first and continue attacking until one of the two is defeated.

Adventure Hook

Botched Spells – A hedge magician botched an attempt at using Primal Magic and a single mansion in town has been overrun with dozens of scamps.

Scamp Stats

PD: 4     MD: 2     AD: 2

Health: 7      Tenacity: 0

Initiative: 6      Speed: 6 (Flight, Climb, Walk)    Hardness: 3     Regeneration: 3     Resilience: 3

Bra: 1     Fin: 3     Ref: 4
Int: 2     Wit: 2     Awa: 2
Cha: 1    Per: 3     Com: 2

Skills: Athletics 1, Mythology 1, Natural Attack 1

Traits: Insulting ● Mean-Spirited ● Mischevous

Primary Actions

Melee Attack
3D + 1 vs PD
Deals 1d4 + 1 damage.


Melee Attack
〇 A Foe Moves Out Of a hex within Reach.
The Scamp can make a Bite Attack.

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