Rauris Avi



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Choose 1 Skill to start at 2.
Tier 1 Perk
Tier 2 Skill
+2 XP

Perks – all Tier 2
Master of All – Gain Skill Mastery in all Skills you have 0 Tiers in.  When you get one Tier in every Skill increase one Tier 2 Skill to Tier 3.
Running Man – +2 Speed
Wunderkin – +2 Essence
Barbarian – +1 Damage

Start with 2 Finesse or 2 Charisma
+2 Speed or +1 Essence
Spacial Awareness: 3 or the Scry Spell (casting costs no Essence)
1 Archery or 1 Stealth

Elvish Sight – You can see 10x as far as a normal person and make out details from great distances.
Bow Master – Advantage and +1 Damage when Attacking with bows.
Elvish Healing – spend 1 Essence to heal 1d10 Vitality
Tree Topper – You gain a Climb Speed.

Start with 2 Brawn or 2 Intellect
+2 Resilience or +1 Hardness
+3 Health or one of the Crafting Skills (pay no Essence or Tenacity to craft)
1 Craft or 1 Intimidate

Armor Master: You gain Advantage to attacks while wearing Armor.
Shield Master:  You can make an attack with your shield as a Secondary action.  Brawn + Melee; 1d4 + Brawn damage.
Unstoppable: While Dying you can still take your Primary, Secondary, and Move Actions.
Gold Lover: You gain 1 Silver at the start of every session.

Start with 2 Brawn or 2 Awareness
+4 Initiative or +3 Health
Regeneration: +1 or Second Wind Maneuver x 2
1 Melee or 1 Detection

Brutal: You gain +2d10 damage to an attack, but you are confused the next round.  If you attack an ally you must use this ability again.
Feral Senses:  You gain Spacial Awareness:3
Orc No Down:  You do not lose use of Regeneration while Dying.
Devastating:  Gain an extra Primary Action when you Ace.  You must spend an Essence to gain this Action though.

Rakafa (inuyasha style demons)
Start with 2 Reflexes or 2 Composure
+6 Tenacity or +1 Regeneration
Unarmed damage does +1d4 or +3 Speed
1 Stealth or 1 Nature

Wicked Claws:  For the purposes of Fighting Styles your claws count as Small, Medium, or Large weapons.  When you Ace with them the target gains Wounded: 2
Razor Dash:  If you spend your Primary Action to move you do 1/2 Brawn damage to every foe you move Adjacent to.
Chameleon:  You gain a Climb Speed and Advantage on Stealth rolls when you do not move.
Animal Instincts:  You gain +4 Initiative and take an extra Secondary and Move Action on the first round of combat.

Start with 2 Intellect or 2 Persuasion
+1 Essence or +2 Speed
Resistance (energy): +2 or the Ability to shapechange into a small animal once per scene
+1 Mythology or +1 Deceive

Devils Bargain:  You can give an Ally Disadvantage on their roll to gain +1 Success on your next roll.
Silver Tongue: You gain Advantage on Deception rolls

Start with 2 Wits or 2 Charisma
+1 Essence or +2 Resistance (energy)
+1 Resilience or Flight movement method
+1 Investigate or +1 Convince

Start with 2 in one stat o fyour choice
+2 Essence or Fly Speed
+4 Tenacity or +3 Health
+1 damage to all rolls or Regeneration: 2





Magic skill up to three dots.  One dot gets you 3 XP to spend on Cantrips, Cantrip modifiers, or Spells.  Cantrips and Cantrip Modifiers are Tier 1 Perks.  All Cantrips take Primary Action to use.


Energy Attack
Strike + Magic vs PD; 1d4 + Spike (energy); Medium Range; Choose energy when making attack.
Blast: The Attack becomes Blast:2.  Boost: Blast: 4 * This cannot be used with Chain or Cone.
Chain: The Attack becomes Chain:5.  Boost: Chain:8 **  This cannot be used with Blast or Cone.
Cone: The Attack becomes Cone:3.  Boost: Cone:8 ***  This cannot be used with Blast or Chain.
Increase Dice damage increase damage to 1d6. Boost: increase to +1d10.

Soul Attack
Strike + Magic vs AD; Spike (mental)
Turmoil: The Target is now Confused.  Boost:  You can move the target 6 hexes.
Improved Damage: add +1d4 to the damage of this attack.  Boost: add +1d8 instad of 1d4 to the damage.
Nagging Thoughts: Wounded: 1 (mental) Boost: Wounded: 2 (mental)


Magic Shield
Strike + Magic CR:3; Gain +1 Defense
Magic Shield Modifier: Gain +1 to 2 Defenses.  Boost: Gain +1 to all Defenses.
Dampeners: All attacks the target are Weakened for 1 round.

Strike + Magic CR:4; Remove one status effect from the target
Cantrip Modifier: Remove all negative status effecs.  Boost: The target gains 1d4 Vitality.
Cantrip Modifier: The target heals Spike Tenacity.  Boost:  The target also heals Spike Health.


Fast Friends
Strike + Magic vs. MD; The target is glamored. for one scene.  Discreetly
Cantrip Modifier: You can choose to charm the target.  Boost:  You can Dominate the target


—–; Telekinesis – move up to 5 kg 2 hexes as a Primary action.  to attack: Magic + Strike vs. PD; Spike in damage.
Cantrip Modifier:  Move up to (5 + Spike + Magic Rating) x 2 kg 6 hexes as a Primary action.  1d8+Spike in damage.  Boost: x5 up to 10 hexes.  2d8+Spike in damage.
Cantrip Modifer:  You can now Restrain using Telekinesis.  Use your Strike as Brawn and your Magic as Melee.  The Target must remain within 10 hexes of you to maintain the Restrain.  Boost:  You can move a restrained character 6 hexes as a Secondary Action.

Strike + Magic vs MD CR: 3 Illusion – You can make a small illusion that occupies one hex.  The illusion can perform simple actions and make sounds but it cannot respond to its environment.  It canot move out of its hex.  It lasts for one Scene.
Cantrip Modifier:  The Illusion can now respond to situations and move around in a Blast:3 area.  Boost:  The Illusion is free to move where it wants and can respond to situations naturally.
Cantrip Modifer: Hard Light:  The illusion can now fool all the senses, including touch.  The Illusion can still not deal any type of damage.  Boost:  The illusion can now move small objects, nothing weighing over 5 kg.

Magic Mobility
Magic Mobility – Strike + Magic; CR:3; You can fly, burrow, or swim for 1 round.
Cantrip Modifier: add +1/2 Speed.  Boost: Double Speed
Cantrip Modifier: You can now teleport as well.  Boost:  You can teleport yourself or an ally.


School Training:  Choose 1 type of Magic; Evocation, Enchantment, Transference, Life, or Universal.  You know a Tier 3, 2, and 1 Spell from this school of magic.

New Stuff

Life Drinker:  They spend Essence to regain Spike or Brawn Vitality.  They only regain Essence by using the following attack.
Suck: Finesse + Melee; Brawn damage; Regain 1 Essence.

Shapechanger: The creature can change their physical features and add or shrink by a few inches, but cannot drastically change their appearance.  No adding horns or tails.

Undead: Immune to drowning, suffocation, take half damage from falling.  Does not heal naturally.  Healing spells still work.

Templates – Choose 1

Icari (vampire angels)
Stat Adjustments: Flight, Blood Drinker, Razor Wings as Secondary Attack Action, Perfect Flyer, Speed +1, Undead, Vulnerable: Light and Fire: 5, Hardness: +1
Shadow Phase (teleport)
Shadow Construct (summoning type)
Shadow Storm (blast magic attack)
+0 XP (12 XP roughly)

Vampire: Blood Drinker, Undead, Vulnerable: Light and Fire: 5
Enhance Stats
Entrance (????)
****more vampire, no ripping off White Wolf*****
+12 XP

Werewolf: Werewolf form (+4 damage from claws and weapons, +2 Regeneration, claws, +2 Speed, Bite as secondary attack, becomes confused at the end of every turn), vulnerability: 5 silver, Keen nose perk
Razor Claws (add to damage)
Rager (adds Secondary Actions)
Indestructable (heals Spike + Skill rating in Health)
+3 XP

Elemental:  Can change all physical damage to their elemental type, no necro or mental; Earth: +1 Resilience; Air: +2 Speed; Water: Swim Speed; Fire: +1 damage; Elemental form: can squeeze through narrow spaces; elemental travel – Use Movement to teleport up to Speed.
Blast (boom attack)
Zone (zone attack)
Wall (make walls)
+4 XP

Fae: Beguiling – reaction, foe has Disadvantage on attack; healing hands – 1 Essence to heal 1d6 damage; Life Drinker.  Spend 1 Essence and use Primary Action to become Invisible for 1 Round.
Healing Touch
+2 XP

Shadowkin – Choose one stat, you always have Advantage when rolling that Stat.  Cannot resist commands from their creator
Shadow Walker (light shadow phase)
Shadow Dancer (reroll with +’s equal to skill)
Shadow Cheater (substitute other skills)
+9 XP

Dragonblood: +6 Health, +10 Vitality.  Gain Advantage when rolling Brawn.  Gain Flight Movement Method. Can spend 1 Silver as if it were 1 Essence.
Well Armored (add to hardness)
Dragon’s Breath (powerful cone attack)
Induce Terror (mental attack of some kind)
+0 XP

Natrani: Can use Move Action to Teleport their Speed.  Gain Advantage on one Personality and one Mind Stat.  Regeneration: +3; Can convert any damage into Light or Silver damage
Light Travel (like shadow phase)
Light Blast (devastating Line attack)
Recovery (good healing)
+0 XP

Dustborn (copied from other races and templates, very limited in actual benefits from the template, but can choose any races perks and any templates skills) Choose any 3 Skills from other Templates and add them as if they were your own.  You may also purchase any Racial Perks even if you are not a member of that Race.  Racial perks cannot give you abilities you don’t already have.
+9 XP

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