Quick Character Creation



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Step 1:

Choose a Kindred from the following list: Aledar, Barat, Delk, Flen, Gidd, Mayanja, Mikpi, Pokaya, Zafeerin

Step 2:

Choose your Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary stat blocks from Body, Mind, and Personality. You may add 7 Tiers to your Primary stat Block, 5 Tiers to your Secondary stat block, and 4 Tiers to your Tertiary stat block.
Stat Blocks Consist of:
Body – Brawn, Finesse, Reflexes
Mind – Intellect, Wits, Awareness
Social – Charisma, Persuasion, Composure

Step 3:

Choose your Skills. You may have Four Tier 2 Skills and Six Tier 1 Skills.
Skill List: Archery, Academics, Animal Handling, Art, Athletics, Build, Convince, Deceive, Detection, Enchantment, Evocation, Heavy Weapons, Impress, Intimidate, Investigate, Life, Medicine, Melee, Mythology, Nature, Perform, Sailing, Stealth, Thievery, Transference

Step 4:

Choose your Backgrounds. You have 3 tiers you can put into Positive Backgrounds. You may also choose one Hinderance and gain 1 bonus XP at character creation. You do not have to take a Hinderance if you do not want one.
List of Positive Backgrounds: Anonymity, Attractive, Backing, Base, Coin, Contacts, Crew, Fame, Followers, Inventor, Library, Mentor, Monster Ambassador, Property, Reputation, Scion of the Gods, Seer, Social Status, Traveler, Twin Bond, Wealth
List of Negative Hinderances: Addiction, Allergy, Amnesia, Blind, Bum Leg, Child, Clumsy, Cursed by the Gods, Debt, Flashbacks, Glass Jaw, Haunted, Hunted, Lethargic, Mute, Not Very Bright, Notoriety, Phobia, Secret, Unsociable

Step 5:

Spend 3 XP on Perks. Spend all of this XP and do not carry it over to your final Bonus XP.

Step 6:

Spend 5 Bonus XP on anything you want.

Step 7:

You start with 1 Silver plus any Coin or Wealth you receive from backgrounds. You also begin the game with any equipment you need to make sure your Perks can function properly.

Step 8:

Finishing Touches: Health: 12 + Brawn / Tenacity: 12 + Awareness + Composure / Intiative: Reflexes + Wits / Speed: Finesse +3 / Resilience: ½ Awareness, Brawn, OR Composure (the highest of the three) / Essence: Charisma + Intellect +1 / Physical Defence (PD): Reflexes or Armor / Mental defense (MD): Awareness / Anima Defense (AD): Composure

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