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Pokaya (po-kahy-uh)

Physical Traits
Pokaya stand at 100 cm tall. They are covered in a thin felt-like layer of fur that varies in all shades and colors. They have tails that they use to grip branches when they land in trees and wings that come from their back. Their plumage may also come in a wide variety of colors. Their eyes are black with bright colored irises and black pupils. They have large claws on their feet that they use to grip branches in trees when they move through them.

Example Male Names
Bakta, Gaung, Loshiki, Nuan, Totans
Example Female Names
Duafa, Jalakta, Oasa, Rahuan, Willa
Example Family Names
Black Bear, Sweet Bee, Old Feather, Big Fox, Falling Crow

Inhabited Areas
Pokaya live in a huge forest at the western edge of the Restless Sea. This forest is known as the Whisper Wood. The Pokaya are highly territorial and never allow any outsiders into their forest. Pokaya who leave the forest rarely divulge the secrets of the Whisperwood. There is no functioning map of the Whisperwood and only the most rudimentary knowledge of the area’s people and culture is known to the outside world. It is known that there are a wide variety of peoples and tribes within the Whisperwood, each with their own traditions and customs.

The Pokaya Cultures
Very little is known about Pokayan culture within the Whisperwood. The Pokaya that leave it are very tight-lipped about their homeland. What is known is that the northern section is called the Ironwood and the southern section is called the Auran.
The Ironwood Pokaya are known for being stoic and quiet folk. They enjoy their mead and concern themselves with labor mostly. They take great pride in their work and appreciate others who work hard as well. They are the more aggressive of the two cultures in the Whisperwood, quick to defend their honor or their belongings if they feel they are being threatened.
The Auran Pokaya are a secretive bunch. They never speak of their homeland save for the most basic of details. Some of them hint that there are about a dozen tribes in the southern woods. Each one of them acts independently but they all answer to one all-powerful tribe. Even exiled Pokaya still keep the secrets of the central tribe. Auran Pokaya are usually quiet and thoughtful. They rarely act without thinking and seem to always have a plan.

Pokaya in the Restless Sea
The Pokaya were the first in the Restless Sea but rarely leave the Whisper Woods. Still, some brave wanderers have made their way out of the safety of their home to venture into the Restless Sea.
The largest population of Pokaya are located in Freeemire, where they make up nearly one-quarter of the population. The tall trees and swampy land made the area very suitable for the Pokaya, who rarely come down to the ground. They live and work alongside the Zafeerin and some even joined the Freemire navy.
Another large population of Pokaya live in the small city of Zelm, located where the Hogwash River dumps into the Restless Sea. Zelm was originally a small farming and fishing village that was started by the first Delk who came into the Restless Sea. It grew steadily and its peaceful atmosphere and abundance of resources made it the ideal place for exiled Pokaya to move to. Over the years the population of Zelm grew to be a fifty-fifty split between Delk and Pokaya.

All Pokaya worship the Auran in their own way. Some Pokaya refer to the Auran as the monarch of their people. Others say it is a god. Even most Pokaya don’t seem to know exactly what the Auran is.

Loud and Proud
Pokaya that hail from the Ironwood tend to be boisterous and braggadocious. They are quick to reveal all of their accomplishments and will go on about them for quite a while. They are quite bad at keeping secrets.
Guarded but Trusting
The Auran Pokaya are far more soft-spoken and easy-going than their northern cousins. They are generally naive when it comes to matters outside of the Whisperwood and put too much trust in others. They do their best to avoid being rude but will not freely give information about themselves or their homeland.
Jubilant Aviators
Pokaya in Freemire have embraced the bon vivant lifestyle. They love the music, the art, and the culture of their homeland. They seek joy out wherever they can and by whatever means they can. They are quick to say yes and always up for anything.
Humble Outcasts
The Zelm Pokaya live quiet lives. Most of them have settled into their agrarian lifestyle and find it quite pleasant. They are a simple people and always hospitable. Still, they are a bit secretive and always seem a little out of place. They are kind but distant.


  • Small Size
  • Gain the Fly Movement method.
  • Gain the Flier, Graceful and Flier, Tactical Perks.
  • Light on Their Feet: Roll Initiative twice and take the higher result.

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