Perks: General




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General Perks

General Perks apply passive bonuses to your character. Most of these bonuses are passive and can be used both inside and outside of combat. They can give you a new Movement method or modify one of the system rules more to your advantage.

Beast Tongue
Tier 1
You can speak with Beasts and do not have Disadvantage on Personality Skill rolls when dealing with them.

Tier 2
You gain the Climb Movement Method and can Climb instead of Climb (Clumsy). You can walk on walls and on ceilings.

Echo Sight
Tier 1
You can see magical auras. Any magic items, Echo items, or magical effects on other characters can be seen. When another character uses a magical effect, you can see it happening. If it is being cast Discreetly you gain Advantage on the roll to notice the casting. This does not allow you to see creatures who would normally be Hidden from you.
You can see other characters’ auras as well, telling you how much Essence they have. The more Essence they have, the brighter their aura glows.

Enhanced Hearing
Tier 1
You gain Advantage on rolls when hearing could help. You do not have Disadvantage when you are Blind or when attacking Invisible characters that are Adjacent to you.

Extra Language
Tier 1
You can speak, read, and write an additional language.
NOTE: All Kindred speak the Kindred Tongue, but Folk and other creatures speak a smattering of languages. When you take this Perk you must define what language you speak, who uses it and where it is used.

Tier 3
You gain the Flight Movement Method. This ability may be natural, supernatural, or even magical.

Tier 2
When you Assist someone, you give them +1 Success instead of Advantage.

Keen Nose
Tier 1
You gain Advantage on Detection rolls where scent might help. Invisible or Hidden characters Adjacent to you lose all the benefits from these Status Effects.

Tier 1
Once per Scene, you or an ally can add Aces to Successes after you roll.

Once More
Tier 2
Once per Scene, you or an ally can reroll a failed roll.

Size Change
Tier 1
Your size changes from Small to Medium, Medium to Small, or Medium to Large.

Tier 2
You have the Swim Movement Method instead of Swim (Clumsy) and can hold your breath 10 times longer than usual.

Tier 2
You can communicate telepathically with any character who you share a language with and is within your range of vision.

Tree Speech
Tier 1
You can speak with plants and gain Advantage on Personality rolls when dealing with them.
NOTE: Being able to speak with plants does not give them the ability to do anything a plant couldn’t normally do besides speak. They communicate in basic ideas but have long memories.

Tier 3
You can speak with any creature that has a language.

Vocational Training, I
Tier 1
Choose three skills from the following list:
Academics, Animal Handling, Art, Athletics, Build, Convince, Deceive, Detection, Impress, Intimidate, Investigate, Medicine, Mythology, Nature, Perform, Sailing, Stealth, Thievery
When you use these Skills you may add Aces to Successes. This bonus does not apply to rolls made to Attack another character.

Vocational Training, II
Tier 2
Requires: Vocational Training, I
You gain Advantage when rolling the Skills you chose from Vocational Training, I. This bonus does not apply to rolls made to Attack another Character.

Night Vision
Tier 1
You can see in Darkness just as well as you can see in Normal Lighting.

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