Online Play Resources

We’ve gathered together some resources that make playing online such as on sites like easier.  If there are any resources you’d like us to add, just send as an e-mail or post on the forums and let us know!

Roll20 Setup Tips

A few of Roll20’s features make running Fray a little bit easier.

  • Use Bar 1 (Green) to track Tenacity.
  • Use Bar 2 (Blue) to track Essence for PCs or input PD, MD, and SD for easy reference on creatures.
  • Use Bar 3 (Red) to track Health and set this to visible for players.  This will let them see when their hits Ace and the effect it has, but it keeps Tenacity a little bit of a mystery.

Setting Up the Hex Grid and Measurements

By default, Roll20 is set up for D&D play with a square grid and measuring things in increments of 5 feet.  It’s not immediately apparent, but Roll20 supports hex grids and meter measurements as well.

  • Open the Page Toolbar in your new game and click on the Gear (Settings) icon next to the page you want to set to a hex grid.
  • You can then choose the Type as Hex (H) or Hex (V).  We prefer H, but it’s your choice.
  • You can also set the Scale to 1 unit = 1 meter to make it easier to use the measuring tool to gauge distance.
  • Set the Page Size to 40 x 35.
  • You can also set these to defaults under the game settings.
  • If you add one of our Battle Maps, set its size to 2155 x 1828.

Roll20 Macros

These are some Roll20 Macros that come in handy when running Fray and using our custom dice.

Stat Dice Roller

First, download these four images:

Then set up a rollable table called “Stats” to look like this image (click to enlarge):

Assign each one a weight.

  • Aces (Red) have a weight of 1.
  • 2 (Green) have a weight of 1.
  • 0 (Blank) have a weight of 5.
  • 1 (Blue) have a weight of 5.

Then create a macro called “Stat-Dice” with the following Action:

/roll ?{Die Pool|1}t[Stats]+?{Bonus successes|0}

Finally, make sure that you give access to All Players and click the In Bar option.  When you want to roll Stat Dice, just click the button, input the number of Stat Dice you want to roll, then the modifier from your Skill.

Note:  The Stat Dice roller does not indicate whether you Aced a roll or not, so you still have to scan the result for Aces (Red) on the right.

Roll Any Dice

For non-Stat die rolls, this is a handy macro to have available:

/r ?{Number of Dice|1}d?{Number of Sides|20}+?{Modifier|0}

Make sure to set it to All Players and click In Bar.  Then just input how many dice you want to roll, how many sides they have, and the modifier you want to add to it.  This is very useful for rolling damage.

Initiative Macro

Make a macro called “Initiative” and set this Action:

/me rolls for Initiative! [[1d8+?{Initiative|3} &{tracker}]]

Be sure to set it so that All Players can use it and check In Bar.   It is also useful to check Show as a Token Action.

When you want to roll a character or creature’s Initiative, just click on the correct token, click this button, and input their Initiative.  It will roll Initiative and add them to the Initiative Tracker automatically.