What’s in it?

  • D&D – A new race or diety!
  • Fray: The Restless Sea – Updates and the newest book!
  • Fray: Inquisition – Rules updates and the newest art!
  • Fray: Cyberpunk – Watch an idea grow into a TRPG!
  • Fairy Trails – Updates for new Rivals and Courts!


  • Insights – Advice for GMs and Players
  • Spotlight – Learn about the people helping make Mirth Drake great
  • Fun Stuff – Sometimes just random drawings or funny quotes from games

What is the Mirth Drake Gazette?

Do you like getting free stuff and then getting updates on the free stuff?  Well, then this is the newsletter for you!  Every week we’ll send updates on all the Mirth Drake games.  We’ll tell you what changes have been made, why they’ve been made, and what plans we have for the future.

We won’t ask for anything more than you’re email.  If you’re interested in playtesting or getting more involved shoot us a message on our Discord.

FRIENDLY REMINDER: You need to check your inboxes for the newsletter and be sure that it will go to your inbox every week.  After you sign up you’ll get our first newsletter immediately.

Here are the things you can look forward to in our weekly updates:

Ready for a new skill-based fantasy system set in a whole new world?  This game’s setting is something entirely new for your group to explore.  The core rules are simple and character creation is incredibly deep.

This book is nearly finished and just needs fine-tuning on a variety of character options.  If you’re interested in playtesting please sign up for the newsletter, download the books, and get your group into a whole new fantasy experience.

Good things come in small packages.  Fairy Trails puts your group in the shoes of tiny fairies traveling the world in a cart.  Get into some mischief and mayhem with this unique spin on the PBtA system.

These books are also almost finished and require almost no playtesting at this point.  I’m just looking for more ideas how to make the game more fun.  Sign up to the newsletter and join us on Discord with whatever zany idea you might have to make this game more fun.

The fantasy setting advances into its next age.  The myths have been digitized!  This system will feature a unique magic system that is more focused on narrative outcomes than actual in-game effects.

Cyberpunk is still very much in its initial stages.  Always looking for playtesters to give it a try but at the moment only the developer can actually run this mess.

Boardgame!  Play as Inquisitors examining various denizens of the realm to find out if they are harboring monsters or loyalists.  Play with up to 6 players and be prepared to lie to and mistrust all your friends!

This game still needs playtesting, but playtesting boardgames is hard.  Sign up for the newsletter to get updates on when actual playtesting can begin and contact us if you’re interested.

Every week we’re going to give you some information about artists, playtesters, developers, or just cool people who have worked with us or who we think you should be hearing about.

We are not affiliated in any way with WOTC, but we know if you like TRPGs you’ve probably played a fair share of D&D and have a soft spot for it.  So every week we’ll be D&Difying aspects of our games for you to use.

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