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Monkey ● Beast ● Small

Monkeys come in a wide range of shapes and sizes. Most are territorial creatures but few are violent. They are clever and excellent problem solvers. This makes them very good at stealing food and other things they need from the people they live near. In areas where monkeys can become a problem, people often put up walls or fences to keep them out.
Monkeys are often kept as pets but are almost impossible to be trained to do labor. Some traveling performers can train them to do tricks for money. They are difficult to keep and often only nobility have the time and resources to keep a monkey.
Due to a monkey’s problem-solving ability spellcasters enjoy taking them on as familiars. Their nimbleness and ability to manipulate fine objects make them fine pickpockets and they can aid the spellcaster in a variety of tasks. It is not unheard of for a familiar monkey to be treated more as an assistant than an actual familiar.

Special Characteristics
  • Familiar: This creature can be taken as a Familiar.
  • Training: Increase one of the monkey’s Skills to 3 when you take it as a Familiar.
  • Leaper: Double Successes on Athletics rolls made to jump.

Monkeys don’t like to fight, but if they are cornered, they will bite you. If there are enough monkeys that they feel they have the advantage they might attack in group.

Adventure Hook

Thief Monkey – Someone has taught a small troupe of monkeys to pickpockets. The monkeys move through the city picking pockets and deliver their horde to their trainer every night.

Monkey Stats

PD: 3     MD: 2     AD: 2

Health: 7      Tenacity: 0

Initiative: 4      Speed: 5 (Climb, Walk)     Resilience: 1

Bra: 2     Fin: 3     Ref: 2
Int: 1     Wit: 2     Awa: 2
Cha: 1    Per: 1     Com: 2

Skills: Athletics 2, Detection 1, Natural Attack 1, Nature 1, Stealth 1, Thievery 1

Traits: Clever ● Curious ● Playful

Primary Actions

Melee Attack
3D + 1 vs PD
Deals 1d4 damage.

Secondary Actions

Sticky Fingers
The Monkey can make a Legerdemain roll.


Monkey See
Requires: Familiar Magic Perk and choosing Monkey as a Familiar
Choose 3 Skills. Your Monkey gains Advantage whenever it uses those Skills.

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