Mirth Drake



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Mirth Drake ● Dragon ● Tiny

Mirth Drakes are the tiniest dragons and are mostly harmless, though they love to play pranks. They’re almost never violent and will flee from any combat if possible.
Mirth Drakes appear where the line between the real world and the Echo is thin. While they are denizens of the real world there is something about the Echo that calls to them. They can be found frequently in enchanted forests and around other unnatural beasts.
Mirth Drakes are occasionally sought after as pets. After they start stealing and hoarding all of their master’s money in secret places they are often returned to the wild. Spellcasters view them as a mark of prestige when they choose one as a familiar. This is due to their rarity and the fact that they are dragons.

Special Characteristics
  • Greedy: Social rolls attempting to sway the Serpent using massive amounts of Coin gain 1 free Success.
  • Familiar: This creature can be taken as a Familiar.

Mirth Drakes almost never attack alone. They will swarm a target and a single Mirth Drake will Sparkle the target while the others bite it.

Adventure Hook

Thieves in the Winery – A group of Mirth Drakes uses their invisibility to break into a winery and drink a barrel of wine every night.

Mirth Drake Stats

PD: 2     MD: 2     AD: 2

Health: 12      Tenacity: 0

Initiative: 4      Speed: 5 (Flight, Walk)     Resilience: 2

Bra: 1     Fin: 2     Ref: 2
Int: 2     Wit: 2     Awa: 2
Cha: 3    Per: 2     Com: 2

Skills: Athletics 1, Detection 2, Natural Attack 1, Natural Magic 1, Nature 1, Mythology 1

Traits: Adventurous ● Curious ● Mischievous

Primary Actions

Melee Attack
2D + 1 vs PD ● 1 Round
Deals 1d4 + 1 damage. The Target is Shocked.

Dragon’s Breath
Ability Attack
5D + 2 vs PD ● 1 Round ● Cone: 3 ● Characters

The Targets grant Advantage to all Attacks made against them.

Secondary Actions

3 / Combat
1 Round
The Mirth Drake becomes Invisible until it Attacks.


Essence Breath
Tier 2
Requires: Familiar Magic Perk and choosing Mirth Drake as a Familiar
You regain 1 Essence every time your Mirth Drake uses its Dragon Breath Attack.

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