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Mikpi (mik – pee)

Physical Traits
Mikpi are usually 150 cm tall. Their skin tone ranges from a dark brown to light pink. Their hair comes in a wide variety of colors and is usually thick and shaggy. They have flexible tails which can be used to manipulate small objects. They also have an opposable toe on each foot, letting them grip things with their feet if they need to. A pair of incisors jut out from their lower jaw and sticks out of their mouths. Their ears are large and slightly pointed. Their eyes are white with bright colors for irises and black or brown pupils in the center.

Example Male Names
Bashir, Gadi, Jukeem, Raji, Washeen
Example Female Names
Caliana, Hasna, Shurifa, Talitha, Zia
Example Family Names
Gerji, Haeda, Lufala, Rahal, Sakim

Inhabited Areas
Mikpi live on two islands north of Valan’s Rest and west of the River Kingdom. The Islands are called the Arabelle collectively. The northern is called Little Arabelle and the southern is called Big Arabelle. The islands are covered in thick jungles and high mountains. The Mikpi make most of their cities in the foothills of the mountains.

The Mikpi Cultures
The Mikpi cultures are divided into two types, each by the island they live on. On the Arabelle Islands there are dozens of hidden villages in jungles and mountains, but most Mikpi fall into the category of Big or Little Arabelle culture.
The Little Arabelle Mikpi are known for their sciences and philosophies. They have the most advanced understanding of mathematics as well as how magic works. Hundreds of academics make pilgrimages to their libraries and colleges every year. Little Arabelle is the most diverse of all Valan’s Rest, outside of the Restless Sea. It is brimming with people from all races and cultures looking to expand their knowledge of the world.
The Big Arabelle Mikpi are known for their philosophies and martial arts. They are renowned warrior monks. They are also renowned for their wide variety of mysticisms which are loosely informed by the science coming from Little Arabelle. Hundreds of believers flock to Big Arabelle every year to meditate with the warrior monks or have their futures told by the mystics.

Mikpi in the Restless Sea
For a long time, the Arabelle Islands largely ignored the Restless Sea. The land was far away and far removed from the island’s interest. The Arabelle Islands were largely isolated and closed off from the rest of the world.
When Windspire began making a name for itself as magical training ground the Mikpi of the Arabelle Islands began to take note. Several scholars and students of the mystical arts relocated to Windspire and a constant flow of Mikpi has continued ever since. Now, in Windspire, the Mikpi make up nearly half of the population.
When the ancient ruins beneath Topside were discovered the Mikpi flocked to the site to discover what they could in the caves beneath. The scholarly Mikpi set up research facilities in Topside and the more business-minded Mikpi began buying and selling relics to rich traders and collectors. Mikpi make up most of the population of Topside.
There are no barbaric tribes of Mikpi around the Restless Sea but it is rumored that some Mikpi have started small isolated cults deep within the forests around Harpie Rock and Faedas.

The Arabelle Islands worship the stars as a whole. They have found a pantheon in the patterns of the stars and pay homage to their deities in hopes of garnering the favor of the stars. When a person is born they say a new star is born with that person and when they die that star fades. A person’s fate is decided by the powerful stars that intersect with or come near their own personal star.

Joy of Discovery
Mikpi from Little Arabelle take great pride in finding and inventing new things. Anything new is exciting. Anything created is a reason for joy. These Mikpi are constantly seeking new thrills, new experiences, and new information.
Quiet Contemplations
Big Arabelle Mikpi are deep thinkers. They take in the world around them and consider the ramifications of all things. Most have a deep spiritualism and are constantly soul searching.
Cool Heads
Many Mikpi take their curiosity and apply to rigorous testing. They believe nothing and distrust everything until it passes their tests. They are scrupulous, doubtful, and generally shrewd. They can often be quite blunt about their doubts.
Grave Robbers
Some Mikpi are just out to make some quick coin. They explore new places and discover new things for the sole purpose of selling what they take. They are often adventurous, charming, and self-centered. Most of these Mikpi find their place in Topside.


  • Gain the Climb Movement method
  • Bonus Tier 2 Skill
  • Expert Jumper: When rolling to jump double the amount of Successes you get.
  • Gain +1 Essence

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