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Mayanja (mahy – un – ja)

Physical Traits
Mayanja average height is 105 cm tall. Their skin tone ranges from pale to dark green. Their hair comes in a wide variety of floral colors and is thick and vine-like. Mayanja, unlike other races, are plant-based. Their eyes are usually brightly colored and cat-like. There is no set body type for Mayanja, some of them are wiry and lithe, others are broad-shouldered and big-muscled. Most of their faces are sharp with a well-defined jawline. Some of them have been known to grow tiny thorn-like horns as well. Occasionally a Mayanja will also be able to grow thorns from their hands.

Example Male Names
Dante, Ignazio, Matteo, Silvano, Tito
Example Female Names
Chiara, Elena, Mercede, Pippa, Rosa
Example Family Names
Bellagra, Castillin, Greeta, Nedici, Verdenta

Inhabited Areas
Mayanja live in a massive forest called the Verdant. This is a deciduous forest with huge trees and large clearings where the Mayanja build their cities. The Mayanja protect their borders and it can be quite difficult for a traveler to get permission to enter the Verdant.

The Mayanja Cultures
The Mayanja are all known to be opportunistic and deceptive. They are also known to be some of the finest craftsmen in Valan’s Rest. Their woodworking and textiles are famous and highly sought after. Because of their strict border protection, the Mayanja culture has been slightly divided between the Outer and Inner Verdant.
The Outer Verdant Mayanja are a militaristic lot focused on protecting the forest from any outside influence. Villages near the edge of the Verdant are highly defended and the people in those villages are all expected to be trained in some aspect of warfare. The sheer amount of training and preparation these villages undergo tends to put the civilians of the Outer Verdant on edge and small skirmishes between villages are fairly common.
The Inner Verdant Mayanja are every bit as competitive as their Outer Verdant counterparts but choose more subtle ways to combat each other. Most of the Inner Verdant Mayanja use arts, economics or politics to gain power and prestige in society. Those that have power and prestige will do anything to hang onto it, those that do not will do anything to get it.

Mayanja in the Restless Sea
The largest and most affluent population of Mayanja are in Lundari. When Delk from Eastfield began to settle and cultivate the land several wealthy families from the Verdant saw the opportunity and left their homeland for the fertile fields of Lundari. Mayanja now comprise nearly fifty percent of Lundari and make up an equal amount of noble houses. The Lundari Mayanja are still political, like their Verdant cousins, but have mellowed in the less harsh environment.
The Point also houses a small but useful population of Mayanja. A group of soldiers that lost their lord left the Verdant and ventured The Point where they found their underhanded military tactics came in handy when assisting the Barat who were unaccustomed to fighting with pirates.
Several Mayanja have also made their way to Falmiron. The local government’s focus on justice and chivalry is a welcome reprieve to many Mayanja, who are seeking to shed their Verdant roots.
Small tribes of barbaric Mayanja are rumored to be east of the Whisperwood and live alongside the Pokaya and Aledar tribes.

There are small sects of nature worshippers in the Verdant but nearly all Mayanja worship Haifelia, the Mistress to the Eternal One. Of course, the Aspects the Outer Verdant venerate are the more cunning and offensive ones while the Inner Verdant focuses more on the love and beautify of their goddess.

Might Makes Right
Mayanja in the Outer Verdant believe that anything you can take by force is already yours. They enjoy flexing their muscles and showing off their strength. They almost never back down from a challenge and are very quick to issue their own if they feel there is something to gain.
Slow and Steady
Inner Verdant Mayanja are cold and calculating. They are slow to anger and even slower to forget. These Mayanja are quiet and calculating, always looking for an advantage. They will defend what they have fervently and will try just as hard to take what they can.
Noble Farmer Lords
The Mayanja in Lundari are known for being good and gracious lords. They keep a good part of their wealth but make sure their workers are taken care of. They are generous and protective seeking to help themselves and those around them flourish.
Chivalry Isn’t Dead
Many Mayanja fled their positions of power and the games of the Verdant for something more heroic. The Mayanja of Falmiron are just and righteous. They are protectors of the weak and uphold the laws of the land. They are knights in every sense of the word.


  • Small Size
  • Regeneration: 1
  • Initiative: +1
  • Spatial Awareness: 3
  • Camouflage:  Gain Aces to Successes on Stealth rolls.

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