Going Places and Doing Stuff



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A regular rambling from Gruff Humblebrag, a local tavern owner

“Leaving the cart ain’t no small thing.  I did it once when I was young and full of lavablood and siren song.  I thought to myself ‘sure Gruff, all these other fairies, they’re weak and you’re tough and you’ve got this under control.  What’s the worst that can happen? Snakes.  That’s pretty bad but ain’t nothing a Humblebrag can’t handle.’ So I signed myself on with a patrol and we went to have a look at a farmhouse.  You know what it turned out to be?  Some old toothless dwarf probably kicked out of his cave.  Nothing but moonshine and cats for days.  Hungry cats do.  Bastard kept dozens of them and only fed them once a month.  They’d eaten all the mice and birds years ago, I reckon.  We had to sneak and fight our way through hordes of the monsters and for what?  A single bottle of moonshine that we all used to start this bar we’re drinking in?  Well let me tell you, it was barely worth it and I’d never do it again.”

Fairies in the Great Big World

Fairies leaving the cart are always in a lot of danger.  Bigger animals want to eat them and all of the giant people want to catch them.  Some people think fairies can grant wishes.  Other people think their dust will make them fly.  There is no shortage of evil wizards who want to catch them and grind their bodies into spell juice.  FAIRIES HAVE TO STAY OUT OF SIGHT WHEN THEY LEAVE THE CART.  Most normal people either want to keep them as pets or kill them for fear of being cursed with evil fairy mumbo jumbo.


Outings are what happens when fairies leave the Cart and venture out into the great big world to do things on their own.  Outings can happen for a multitude of reasons. Some of these might be: acquiring goods, exploring an area, rescuing a lost fairy, a diplomatic mission to another forest or the mortal kingdoms, or just plain pranking some big thing to get some Dram.

A Note to the Driver:  Outings are a good chance to introduce Fairy Lore into the game that this system cannot provide for without becoming bloated and bothersome.  When the troop goes on outings you can give them special tasks like “make a virgin eat this apple to gain 5 Prestige,” or “strike a Fairy Pact with this young man who will someday be a great knight to gain 3 Prestige.”  Feel free to be creative with the goals and rewards of Outings, try to make every one of them an interesting and enjoyable adventure.

At the end of the Outing, the troop gains Dram that they can spend in the normal way.  It is up to the Driver how much Dram the troop gains but before the troop heads out on the outing they should probably have some idea of how much the Outing will bring in for themselves and the Cart.

A Note to the Driver:  As fairies gain Prestige for Ruckusses you won’t need to heap Prestige on them at the end of an Outing.  A good method for rewarding Prestige is to give them 1 Prestige for every major goal they accomplished for the cart.

During Outings, troops will more than likely get into a Ruckus or two.  During these Ruckuses, fairies will take damage and gain Maladies but will also gain extra Dram for every Ruckus they come out the victor.  Ruckus rules are written in another place in this book.

During an Outing, fairies cannot remove Maladies or heal Winter Damage without special Geasa or help from other characters in the world.  The Spring, Summer, and Fall Damage are recovered after the fairy takes a short break after a Ruckus.

Not all Maladies are permanent.  It is up to the Driver to decide how long a Malady lasts or if it will continue until the fairy removes it with their Downtime action.

Dram and the Cart

Dram is a fairies reward for a successful Ruckus or outing.  Dram is handed out at the end of a Ruckus and at the end of an Outing.  There are a few things fairies can do with Dram and they can decide at any time what the want to do with it.  If there is a disagreement about how to use Dram a vote may be taken or a roll-off where the highest roller on a d6 wins and decides what to do with the Dram.  You can store Dram in your Cart and save it to buy things later. At the end or the beginning of an Outing the troop can donate their Dram into a pool to purchase things.  Here are things you can do with Dram:

  • 3 Dram to purchase one use magical items
  • 3 Dram to charge a permanent magical item for an entire outing
  • 3 Dram to buy a PONY (or the cash equivalent value in goods or services)!
  • 15+ Dram for improvements to the cart (add in a rock sauna)
  • 50+ Dram and you could build a whole new cart for that!  Magical and all!


Every fairy can take three pieces of equipment with them on their outings.  Different types of equipment allow fairies to do different types of things.  Because fairies only get three equipment slots they should choose very carefully before going out.  Don’t overthink it though, who knows what’s going to happen out there and a fast-thinking fairy can make any just about any equipment work to their advantage.

Fighting Gear

Fighting Gear is items that make you better at physical combat.  A sword isn’t going to do a lot of good against an elephant, but you can sure put the hurt on some rabies-infected mice with it.  Weapons take up one slot and give you an extra +1 to rolls when you make physical attacks against Rivals.

Armor works a little bit differently.  You can fill up all your equipment with armor and for every slot, you fill with armor it gets heavier and you get +1 to rolls to resist damage from physical attacks.  So if you use all your equipment slots for armor you’ll get +3 to resist damage and you’ll basically be wearing a small tank.


Traps, potions, salves, and pinatas are all considered trinkets because after you use them they are finished.  When you fill an Equipment Slot with Trinkets you should check with your Driver to make sure there are some in the Cart and that you can take them.  If there aren’t any in the cart you can spend your Downtime Action crafting a set of Trinkets or use 3 Dram to buy them. 

Here are some examples of Trinkets:

  • Caltrops
  • Tripwires for all kinds of traps
  • Some bandages that could restore damage or remove a malady
  • A small bottle of grease or oil


Tools are items that allow you to do something without rolling or give you the chance to roll for it.  For example; let’s say you decide you want to have a sip of wine.  There’s no way you’re getting the cork out of the bottle.  Your Driver might let you roll Might to uncork the bottle but he’s definitely going to give you a Bad because that thing is in there.  But what’s this?  You brought a crowbar!  Well, now you don’t even have to roll to pop that cork!  You just get to do it.  Now let’s say you want some bread to go with your wine but the bread box is closed.  Fortunately, you’ve got that trusty crowbar so you can at least have a shot at opening the thing by rolling Might to force it open.

Magical Items

A Magical Tool gives you +1 to any roll that you make with it.  A Magical weapon gives you +1 to damage and Magical Armor lets you resist 1 extra damage with every resist roll.  You must charge any Magical Item with 3 Dram to gain these bonuses before you leave on the Outing. 

You can make magical one-offs too.  These are things like healing potions, speed potions, grow potions, shrink potions or any other type of one use magical item you can think of.  When you use Magical One-offs you roll your Magic How to determine how well they work.  Here’s some examples of some super helpful trinkets.

Healing Potion:
Failure:  You heal nothing.
Partial Success:  You heal one level of damage.
Success:  You heal two levels of damage.

Invisibility Salve:
Failure:  You think you’re invisible.
Partial Success:  You are invisible for a very short amount of time.
Success:  You are invisible for quite a while.

Potion of Strength:
Failure:  You do -0 damage.
Partial Success:  You do +1 damage on your next Ruckus Roll.
Success:  You do +1 damage for the whole darn tootin’ Ruckus!

Pixie Love Dust:
Failure:  The target sneezes a lot.
Partial Success:  The target likes you.
Success:  The target loves you and is totally willing to hear any of your crazy ideas out.

Grow Powder:
Failure:  You might have gotten smaller.
Partial Success:  You grow to the size of a small dog with the appropriate strength for a very short time.
Success: You grow to the height of a normal human for a very short time.

What do I do during downtime?

Downtime is your little vacation between Outings.  It’s what every fairy needs to get their body mended and their head on straight.  During your Downtime, there are a few things you can do. You can only take two game-affecting actions during your Downtime.  Some of them you can only do once, some of them you can do as many times as you want.  You can choose from the following lists:

Once per Downtime Activities:
  • Businessing – gain a little extra Prestige for the cart. 
    • Failure:  Gain a Malady or spend 3 Dram.
    • Partial Success:  +3 Dram for the Cart!
    • Success:  Well done, sir.  +6 Dram for the cart.
  • Crafting – making things. 
    • Failure:  You break some stuff and lose 3 Dram.  If you do not have 3 Dram your troop members must pay.
    • Partial Success:  You make one item or trinket.  You still have to spend 3 Dram to make Magical Items.
    • Success:  Same as Partial Success, but you can magically charge your item without spending Dram!
  • Solo Adventuring – gain a little extra Dram for yourself.  You can roll this once during Downtime.
    • Failure: Gain a Malady or spend 3 Dram.  Your troop has to pay if you can’t.
    • Partial Success: +1 Dram
    • Success:  Good adventuring, ma’am.  +2 Dram.
Multiple times per Downtime
  • Healing – removing Maladies or Damage. 
    • Failure:  You inflict a Malady on the suffering person.
    • Partial Success:  You heal one level of damage or remove one Malady.
    • Success:  You heal 1 Malady and one level of damage.  Or two levels of damage.  Or two Maladies, you’re call, doctor.
  • Revelry – gain some bonuses for your next outing by relaxing.
    • Failure:  You gain a Malady or cost the cart 3 Dram, your call.
    • Partial Success:  On the next Outing you gain +1 to any roll of your choice.
    • Success:  You party dog!  On the next Outing gain +2 to any roll of your choice.
    • NOTE:  You can have multiple bonuses from revelries, you can choose to use them one at a time or all at once.

One of the most important things you should be doing is removing Maladies and Winter Damage.  The rules for removing Maladies were listed up earlier. Just to remind you, partial successes remove one Malady and a success removes two.  The same goes for Winter Damage.

During Downtime you can take some time to craft an item, write a book, paint a painting, or some other type thing that your character can use as equipment.  You can craft only one item during Downtime.

This is also a good time to just relax and ease into fairy life.  Have some meetings with the mayor about your Outings. See how old Mrs. Tindle is doing with that peppermint oil you brought her.  Maybe start up a little mouse farm so you can have some steak when you get back from your outings. Feel free to just take your time and breathe in the air of the cart.

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