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Gidd (gid)

Physical Traits
Gidd average height is 195 cm tall. Their skin tone ranges from a light blue to pale white. They have very long arms. Their feet are rough and calloused so they don’t need shoes. Their hair comes in all ranges of color but their eyes are always large orbs of bright color with large black dots in the center.

Example Male Names
Casper, Fritjof, Mikkel, Olander, Vidar
Example Female Names
Anja, Carita, Freja, Karina, Sassa
Example Family Names
Benvik, Egelhorn, Grilki, Loflan, Tasgard

Inhabited Areas
Gidd live in the Bulwarks and Hungry Lands. The Bulwarks are a chain of frigid islands south of Valan’s Rest. Many Gidd work on whaling ships. They hunt whales and sell their meat and oils to the rest of Valan’s Rest. The Gidd in the Hungry Land are far less civilized and live in nomadic tribes, going wherever food and water can be found.

The Gidd Cultures
The Gidd that live in the Bulwarks are mostly whalers and farmers. They are some of the best shipbuilders in all of the world and because their whaling business the Bulwarks are extremely wealthy. The Hungry Land Gidd are little more than barbaric tribes wondering the lands barely surviving.
The Bulwarks are host to a hearty breed of Gidd that spend their lives at sea or tilling the hard land rocky lands. They are loud, jovial, and boastful. The Bulwark Gidd work hard and play hard and expect anyone in their lands to do the same. They have little respect for things that are not useful. Gidd tools and crafts are known to be sturdy and useful but not needlessly decorated.
The Hungry Land Tribes are composed of dozens of tribes that move through the shrublands known as the Hungry Lands. They are highly aggressive and territorial. Most Kindred consider the Hungry Land Gidd to be little better than the Folk races. Despite their apparent barbarism, there are rules of engagement between tribes to keep things relatively peaceful for those who live in the Hungry Lands.

Gidd in the Restless Sea
Gidd are most prevalent in Pelias. These Gidd came to the city from the barbarian tribes in the Hungry Lands. They make nearly one-third of one of the greatest cities. The Gidd in Pelias are nothing like the Gidd of the Bulwarks. They are cunning and brutal and do everything they can to hold onto their power in the city. They make up a good portion of the government and religious institutions.
Barbaric Gidd are also quite prosperous in cities and towns that are near or within the Hungry Lands. These Gidd are tribal and uncivilized and distrustful of outsiders. They will often attack Kindred they perceive to be “outsiders” on sight.
Redtide also has a surprisingly large number of Gidd in it as well. Most of the Gidd in Redtide were once whalers, or the descendants of whalers, who were pressed into service after their ships were taken by pirates. These Gidd adapted to life in Redtide, either working themselves into the economy of the city or becoming pirates themselves.
Throughout the Restless Sea, Gidd can be found almost anywhere. The whalers from the Bulwarks can easily sell their whale oil in any port and therefore the Gidd have spread all across the continent.

The Gidd of the Bulwarks worship a massive pantheon of gods that hold dominion over everything from the sun itself to the worms found under rocks. The Hungry Land Gidd worship their own pantheon mostly represented by the animals in the Hungry Lands.

Work Hard Play Hard
Whalers from the Bulwark are known for their strong work ethic but also for their seemingly unending stamina when it comes to letting off steam. These Gidd sail from port to port tearing up the town and starting drunken brawls. They are serious but delightful, strict but joyous, tough but lovable.
Grizzled Granite
Gidd from the Bulwarks are known for being more solitary, tough, and serious than those that sail the seas. These Gidd rarely smile and take everything quite seriously.
Practical Creatives
Many Gidd delight in crafting or constructing things. Whether it be from the long hours spent on a ship or holed up during the cold winter these Gidd are generally quiet and methodical. They take great pride in a job well done.
Savage Raiders
The Hungry Land Gidd live in violent tribes that are constantly on the roave and looking to take from others. They are brutal and merciless.


  • + 6 Health
  • Reach: 2
  • Bloodhound: Gain the Keen Nose Perk
  • Resistance (energy): 2
  • Resilience: +1

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