Ghost Fox



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Ghost Fox ● Ancient ● Tiny

Ghost Foxes are tiny, foul-smelling elemental creatures that appear as foxes with a touch of necrotic energy to them. They are curious creatures and use their Intangible ability to safely follow anything they find interesting.
At first, Ghost Foxes are skittish and keep away from people. They hide in the shadows and usually the first sign that they are around is the peculiar corpse-like musk that they put off. They will circle whatever holds their interest and use their abilities to pass through anything in their way, leading most people to believe they are being haunted by the ghosts of vermin. If the Ghost Fox feels everything is safe they may engage with people. Ghost Foxes are playful but can turn violent quickly. They are like a cat that enjoys playing until you touch them in the wrong spot, and then they viciously bite and claw you.

Special Characteristics
  • Familiar: This creature can be taken as a Familiar.
  • Stinky: Attempts to find or track Ghost Foxes have Advantage.

A Ghost Fox will typically go Intangible until its Foe is a safe distance away, then will use its Ghost Shock ability on them.

Adventure Hook

Something Foul is Afoot – A group of ghost foxes has taken a liking to a noble in town. He’s afraid to attack them himself and the foxes aren’t always around but they tend to appear and stink up all of the noble’s dinner parties.

Ghost Fox Stats

PD: 3     MD: 2     AD: 2

Health: 7      Tenacity: 0

Initiative: 5      Speed: 5     Resilience: 1

Bra: 1     Fin: 3     Ref: 4
Int: 2     Wit: 2     Awa: 2
Cha: 4    Per: 2     Com: 2

Skills: Athletics 1, Natural Attack 1, Natural Magic 1, Nature 1, Search 1, Stealth 3

Traits: Sneaky ● Curious ● Spooky

Primary Actions

Melee Attack
3D + 1 vs PD
Deals 1d4 + 1 damage.

Ghost Shock
Magic Attack
2D + 1 vs AD
Deals 1d6 + 1 damage (necrotic).

Magic Ability
The Ghost Fox becomes Intangible. While Intangible, it cannot take Primary or Secondary Actions as well as Reactions.


Ghost Shot
Tier 1
Requires: Familiar Magic Perk and choosing GhostFox as a Familiar
The Ghost Fox’s Ghost Shock Attack becomes a Ranged Attack with a Medium Range.

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