Fray: Inquisition



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Fray: Inquisition

What is Fray: Inquisition?

This is a social deductive and problem-solving game set in the fantasy world with the races, monsters and nations of Ortha. Players are either on the Monster or Loyalist team.  Each side must work in secret to discover and eliminate cards from the other side. Some players are on the side of the Inquisitors; an organization of knights sworn to protect the world from threats of old and distant realms. Others are on the side of the Monsters.
Will you be able to find and eradicate your enemies before they find and get you?


Players in the game are given both a Player Card and a Loyalty Card. The Player Card determines what actions you can take during the Inquisition and Action Phase. The Loyalty Card determines what team you are on, and therefore, what cards you want to Accuse.
When players Accuse they may Accuse either another player (known as Inquisitors) or a Noble (Noble Cards are placed faceup on the board).  When an Inquisitor or Noble is accused they must show their card.  The effects of the card begin when the card is shown.  If the card is a Loyalist it is placed facedown on the loyalist track after the effects have been resolved.  If the card is a Monster it is placed faceup on the Monster track and remains faceup until it is slain (see Saboteur and/or Monster Loyalty Card rules).  If the Exposed Loyalists track fills up the endgame begins.  The same is true for the Rampaging Monsters track.
During the Endgame all remaining players with Action Cards play their final Action.  The team with the least Accused Loyalty Cards wins the game.  If there is a tie the Inquisitors vote to Accuse one Inquisitor to break the tie.  If that vote is a tie the final Head Inquisitor votes again to break the tie.

Win/Lose Conditions:

Inquisitors Win / Monsters Lose:

There are more Rampaging Monsters than Exposed Loyalists at the end of the game.

Monsters Win / Inquisitors Lose:

There are more Exposed Loyalists than Rampaging Monsters at the end of the game.


Player Cards:
Randomly decide what Player goes first. That Player chooses their Player Card. Other Players choose going clockwise from that Player.
Loyalty Cards:
Based on the number of Players prepare the Player Loyalty Deck.
Player Loyalty Deck:
1P: 1 Bigfolk, 1 Pelisian Guard
2P, 3P, 4P: 1 Bigfolk, 1 Uliok, 1 Pelisian Guard, 1 Assassin
5P, 6P: 1 Bigfolk, 1 Smallfolk, 1 Uliok, 1 Peliasian Guard, 1 Lundari Guard, 1 Assassin
Each player draws one Loyalty Card from the Player Loyalty Deck. This determines if they are a Loyalist or a Monster.
Shuffle the Player Loyalty Deck back into the Loyalty Deck and place it on the board.
Nation Tokens
Starting with the Head Inquisitor and proceeding to the left, Inquisitors take Nation Tokens in this order (stop when all Inquisitors have a Nation Token): Lundari, Pelias, Takma Empire, Lundari, Pelias, Takma Empire.
Noble Cards
Shuffle the Nobles into 3 decks of four cards, sorted by the Noble’s Nationality.  Draw 2 cards from each deck and place them faceup in the proper places on the board.
Noble’s Loyalty Cards
Draw one Loyalty Card per Noble and place it facedown below the Noble, off the board.
Shuffle the Action Card Deck and place it on the board.
Begin playing the game!

Round Sequence

The Head Inquisitor always goes first and then the player to their left after them and so on.
Step 1 – The Pass Phase: The previous Head Inquisitor Passes the Head Inquisitor Token to the player on their left.  The new Head Inquisitor chooses their Decree.
Investigate Decree:  Inquisitors may look at a Noble’s Loyalty Card from the same Nation as the Head Inquisitor.
Accuse Decree: Inquisitors may Accuse a Noble from the same Nation as the Head Inquisitor.
Using the Decree Requires:  The Player Card’s Red Arrow side is faceup and showing the Action Side.  The Inquisitor must do all the Actions on their Player Card.
Step 2 – Inquisitor Phase: Starting with the Head Inquisitor and proceeding to the left, Inquisitors may use their Player Card ability IF the Green Arrow / Inquistitor side of the card is faceup.  After using the ability they must flip their card.
Step 3 – Draw Phase: The Head Inquisitor draws a number of cards equal to Players +2 from the Action Deck.  The Head Inquisitor selects one and passes the rest to the left.  The next Inquisitor chooses one and passes to the left and so on.  The final Inquisitor returns the remaining Action Cards to the top of the deck.
Step 4 – Action Phase: Starting with the Head Inquisitor and proceeding to the left, Inquisitors use their Action Cards.  If an Inquisitor plays the Action Card they show it, do the Action, and then burn it facedown.  If an Inquisitor does the Decree they do not show their Action Card and burn it facedown before doing the Decree.  Then they must flip their Player Card.  After the Action Phase restart with the Pass Phase.

Inquisitors and Nobles

In the game, there are Inquisitors and Nobles. Inquisitors are the actual people playing the game. Nobles are the nobles on the board. Some Actions or Abilities affect only one or the other.
The Nations
Every Inquisitor takes a Nation Token at the beginning of the game.  Every Noble has a Nation associated with them. There are three nations; Lundari, Pelias, and the Takma Empire. A few of the Actions or Abilities will affect only certain Inquisitors or Nobles from that Nation.  The Head Inquisitor’s Decree affects only Nobles from the same nation as the Head Inquisitor.

Inquisitor Cards

Inquisitor Cards give the Inquisitors two unique abilities that they can use during the Inquisitor and Action Phase. After they use the Ability they flip their card to gain access to the ability on the other side of the card. If an Inquisitor cannot complete all the Actions or does not meet all the requirements to flip their card they cannot.

Loyalty Cards

There are three basic types of Loyalty Cards. These determine what team Inquisitors and Nobles are on. Inquisitors with Loyalist cards are on the Loyalist team. Players with Monster cards are on the Monster’s team. There are a total of ??????????? Loyalty Cards.
Loyalist Cards: Loyalist cards mean you are on the Loyalist team and are seeking to accuse more Monsters than the Loyalist team before the endgame conditions are met.  When a Loyalist is accused the effects of the card take place immediately.  After the effects are resolved place the card facedown on the Accused Loyalist track.  Any player may use a set aside Saboteur Card to Evade a Loyalist, negating the effects of the Loyalist Card when it is Accused.
Monster Cards: If a Player has a Monster Card they are on the Monster team. When a Monster is Accused place that card faceup on the Exposed Monsters section of the board. While that Monster is faceup the effects on the card persist throughout gameplay. If a Saboteur is played the Inquisitor can Slay a Monster, flipping it facedown and ending the ongoing effects of that card.

Action Cards

These are the cards that let you do a number of things in the game. You use these cards to gain information about what Loyalty Cards Inquisitors and Nobles have and then let you act on that information.
Unless there are specific rules in play that say otherwise, every Inquisitor must play and Burn an Action card during the Round.
There are only ?????????? Action Cards in the Action Deck and when enough have been burned that the Head Inquisitor cannot draw cards equal to the number of players the endgame begins.

Allies and Enemies

While this is a cooperative game it’s not very much fun when someone tells everyone else how to play their cards. Also, it’s a very bad idea to have someone else telling you how to play your cards because there’s a good chance they aren’t on your team.
While not a hard rule it is recommended that Players discuss the Action Cards they are choosing in vague terms. Instead of saying “I have a Lundari Inuistor” it’s better to say “I’ll be Accusing someone this round.” Of course, you’ll want to coordinate as much as possible, but to make the game fun for everyone it’s a good idea to leave some breathing room for the Monster team.
Remember: Unless your Action or Ability say otherwise you can NEVER show your cards to other players.

Action Cards:

Agent (3)
Shuffle two Loyalty Cards without looking.  You may even shuffle your own.
*You may choose any combination of Inquisitors and Nobles.
Chronomancer (2)
Draw the top three cards from the Burn Deck.  Choose one and immediately play it.  Then burn all drawn cards and this one.
*You may have multiple Archaeologist Cards next to your Player Card and use as many as you want. You may also choose to not use this card.
Emissary (1)
Reveal one Noble’s Loyalty Card and place it faceup.  This card remains faceup until the Noble is Accused and it is replaced with another Loyalty Card.
*The new Loyalty Card is placed facedown.
Enchanter (1)
Choose another Inquisitor.  They must show their Loyalty Card to all other Inquisitors.
Hitman (4)
Choose another Player. They must Accuse another Inquisitor or Noble from a Nation of your choosing.
Judge (3)
Accuse any Inquisitor or Noble from {Nation}
Messanger (3)
Choose another Inquisitor.  They must look at an Inquisitor’s or Noble’s Loyalty Card from a Nation of your choosing.
Operative (2)
Look at all the Loyalty Cards from one Nation of your choosing.  Shuffle them and return them to the Inquisitors and the Nobles.
Oracle (2)
Look at the top Loyalty Card and exchange it with Noble’s or Inquisitor’s Loyalty Card.  Return that Loyalty Card to the bottom of the deck.
Priest (1)
Look at one Inquisitor’s Loyalty card and set this aside.  Burn it to Shuffle either a Rampaging Monster or an Accused Loyalist back into the Loyalty Deck.
*You may play this card at any point during the Action Phase.
Saboteur (9)
Look at one Noble’s Loyalty Card.  Instead of Burning this Card, set it aside.  Burn it to Slay a Monster or Evade a Loyalist at any time during the Action Phase.
Smuggler (1)
Starting with you, all Inquisitors may draw the top Loyalty Card and may exchange it with their own.  Put the unused Card at the bottom of the Loyalty Deck.
Spymaster (6)
Look at both Nobles’ Loyalty Cards from (Nation), then Shuffle and return them.
Thief (1)
You can steal a Priest or a Saboteur that another Inquisitor has set aside.
*When you steal the card you set it aside for yourself.
Turncoat (3)
Flip another Inquisitor’s Nation Token.


Big Folk (2)
No special text.
Drake (1)

During the Draw Phase only draw a number of cards equal to the number of Inquisitors, instead of the number of Inquisitors plus two.
Gulrick Digger (1)
Inquisitors and Nobles in the same Nation as the Head Inquisitor cannot be Accused.
Harpie Queen (1)
At the end of the Action Phase, the Head Inquisitor chooses two Nations and Shuffles all the Nobles’ Loyalty Cards together without looking at them.
Shadow Folk (2)
No special text.
Skritter (1)
Inquisitors cannot flip their Inquisitor Card during the Inquisitor or Action Phase.
Small Folk (2)
No special text.
Trio Sphinx (1)
At the beginning of the Action Phase, the Head Inquisitor Shuffles and returns all Inquisitor’s Loyalty Cards.  Inquisitors cannot look at their new Loyalty Card until this card is slain.
Uliok (1)
If this is an Inquisitor’s Loyalty Card, they may open their eyes with the Loyalists to Confirm Allies.  That Inquisitor is still on the Monster Team.


Assassin (1)
You must Accuse yourself.  Instead of placing this card on the board, shuffle it back into the Deck.
*The Inquisitor that Accused the holder of this Card must Accuse themselves.  Shuffle this Card back into the Deck BEFORE Inquisitors draw their new Loyalty Cards.
Confidant (1)
Choose the Inquisitor on your left or right and show your Loyalty card to them.
Jailer (1)
Set this card Aside.  During the next Draw Phase you may not take a card.  During the next Action Phase place this card facedown on the board instead of taking an Action.
Lundarian Guard (2)
No special text.
Pelisian Guard (2)
No special text.
Queen (1)
Set this card aside.  The Head Inquisitor chooses your Action Card at the beginning of the next Draw Phase.  After receiving your card, move this card to the board.
Takma Guard (2)
No special text.
Usurper (1)
You Immediately gain the Head Inquisitor Token.  You cannot flip the Token.
Whisperer (1)
Show your Loyalty Card to all the Inquisitors, then Shuffle your card back into the deck and draw a new one.

Inquisitor Cards:

Lufti (1)

Elan (1)

Arkyn (1)

Jian (1)

Kalya (1)

Dominique (1)

Magnifica (1)

Reya (1)

Talon (1)

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