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Flen (flen)

Physical Traits
Flen are usually around 175 cm tall. Their skin tone ranges from black to tan. Their hair is almost always black and extremely thick. Their eyes are black with tiny dots of color in the center. Their muscles are thin and wiry. They have long pointed ears that come in various widths and lengths.

Example Male Names
Abiral, Donu, Jaysha, Tej, Veda
Example Female Names
Chaha, Devna, Iniya, Sanjoni, Tika
Example Family Names
Irdva, Mayaha, Jaktu, Wadin, Zaeka

Inhabited Areas
Most Flen live outside of Valan’s Rest in a kingdom called the River Lands. This is the only habitable land around the Great Waste. The River Kingdom is some of the most fertile lands in all of the known world. It is made even more so by Flen ingenuity and thanks to some of the world’s most advanced irrigation systems.

The Flen Cultures
The River Kingdom is divided into two types of cultures, both ruled by a single Shah. In the Northern River Kingdom, they have more or less spurned deities in favor of the sciences. In the Southern River Kingdom, they embrace the Flen god with even more fervor as if to make up for their Northern countrymen.
The Northern River Kingdom is the birthplace of almost all agricultural innovation that Valan’s Rest has seen. Cities are large and sprawling and intricately designed. There are no temples and almost no priests in the land. Religion is not banned in the area but anyone flaunting their religion or wearing religious insignia can count on a fair amount of ridicule. All of the old temples have been converted into schools or laboratories for researchers to study in. Nearly all studies are devoted to agriculture and construction.
The Southern River Kingdom is composed of more rural villages. Cities tend to be small simple and functional. There are statues to the Dragon and a temple at the center of nearly every city. Visitors into these cities are not required to attend the daily rituals and prayers to the god, but if they hope to gain favor with villages they will have to offer some prayers or coin up to the local church. The Shah of the River Kingdom lives in the Southern part but still manages to keep the peace.

Flen in the Restless Sea
Most Flen venture to the Restless Sea on trade vessels or in caravans. The Flen from the River Kingdom were late in coming to the Restless Sea due to the distance and lack of profit from trading in the area. By the time the Restless Sea became a viable market, Lundari had already locked down most of the agricultural trade in the region. Some Flen still trade in exotic fruits and spices, however.
In Pelias, the Flen found a foothold as merchants as well as kingpins of crime. Quite a few positions of power, outside the government and church, are filled by Flen.
The town that harbors the most Flen, by far, is Reya’s Thorn. It was established by an outcast group of Zafeerins and an outcast Flen cult. The population of Reya’s Thorn is still divided by nearly fifty-fifty by Zafeerins and Flen with the Flen being in charge of the government. The Flen of Reya’s thorn are tricky and mischevious.

Scientifically Snide
Northern River Kingdom Flen are known for their wit and intellect. They are innovative and clever but are also impatient with those who they believe to be less intelligent or informed than them. They are rarely openly rude but are more than happy to let a snide comment or underlying insult slip through their lips.
Southern River Kingdom Flen are fervent believers in their god and cannot be persuaded otherwise. They are traditionalists and cling to the old ways. Even Flen that convert to other religions from the Dragon’s are often as fervent, if not more.
Charmers and Sailors
Many Flen are merchants who sail the seas and peddle their wares. They have been everywhere and charmed their way through several ports. They are amicable and polite.
Malevolent Leaders
Flen from Reya’s Thorn are renowned for their cruelty and their love of drama. They will do everything they can to cause unrest where they go and take advantage of it.

The Northern River Kingdom practices no religion but still recognizes the Dragon as their official religion. The Southern River Kingdom fervently worships their god.


  • Night Vision
  • +2 Speed
  • Lithe:  Regain 3 Tenacity at the start of your turn.
  • Athletic:  Gain Aces to Successes on Athletic rolls.

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