Flame Fox



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Flame Fox Ancient ● Tiny

Flame foxes are small elemental creatures made of fire that take the form of a fox. They use their Flame Jump ability to sneak into camps at night and steal food, along with other things. They may be adorable, but do not touch.
Encounters with Flame Foxes are often infuriating and a bit painful. They are smart enough to light fires in several different locations before going near anyone. If someone attempts to touch them they will burst into flames and teleport to one of their safety fires.
Flame Foxes bear no ill-will toward anyone but will do what they need to do to survive. That often includes using their abilities to kill chickens and other small livestock. A family of Flame Foxes can be quite a big problem for locals.

Special Characteristics
  • Familiar: This creature can be taken as a Familiar.
  • Flame Steps: When a Flame Fox spends its first point of Movement each round, the hex it is standing in can catch on fire. This fire lasts until the end of Combat. Anyone who starts their Turn in or Moves Into the hex takes 1 damage (fire).

Flame Foxes would rather run than fight. A flame fox will use its Flame Jump to get out of combat whenever possible. If it has to fight, it will attack, then immediately Flame Jump as far away as possible.

Adventure Hook

Kitchen Raiders – A small pack of Flame Foxes have figured out how to teleport into homes using people’s hearth fires and are raiding their kitchens in the evening.

Flame Fox Stats

PD: 4     MD: 3     AD: 2

Health: 7      Tenacity: 0

Initiative: 6      Speed: 6     Resilience: 2

Bra: 2     Fin: 3     Ref: 4
Int: 1     Wit: 2     Awa: 2
Cha: 2    Per: 2     Com: 3

Skills: Acrobats 1, Athletics 1, Detection 1, Natural Attack 2, Stealth 1, Supernatural 1

Traits: Cunning ● Loyal ● Mischievous

Primary Actions

Melee Attack
3D + 2 vs PD
Deals 1d4 + 2 damage (fire).

Secondary Actions

Flame Jump
Magic Ability
The Flame Fox can teleport to any hex within 20 hexes that has fire in it.


Mystic Flames
Tier 3
Requires: Familiar Magic Perk and choosing Fire Fox as a Familiar
You can cast Spells through hexes affected by your Flame Fox’s Flame Steps ability and use their hex as if it were your position when casting Spells as long as they are within Long range.

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