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Drake ● Dragon ● Massive

Drakes are the most powerful and complex of the dragons. Some of them have been known to be merciful, but most are greedy merciless beasts who take what they want, when they want it.

Special Characteristics
  • Greedy: Social rolls attempting to sway the Drake using massive amounts of Coin gain 1 free Success.
  • Mount: This creature is suitable as a mount
    Trample: 10
    Special Attack: Bite and Claws
  • Terrifying: Creatures with MD: 2 or less have Disadvantage on all rolls while within sight of a Drake.
  • Truly Massive: A Drake occupies Blast: 4 hexes.

Drakes are not stupid and won’t give up the advantage of their flight or Dragon’s Breath unless forced to.

Adventure Hook

Starving Peasants – Rather than decimate a large trading town, a Drake has subjugated it and is forcing the people to give it all of their profits.

Drake Stats

PD: 6     MD: 5     AD: 6

Health: 55      Tenacity: 44

Initiative: 8      Speed: 10 (Flight, Walk)     Hardness: 5     Resistance (all): 5     Regeneration: 3     Resilience: 4

Bra: 8     Fin: 4     Ref: 4
Int: 5     Wit: 4     Awa: 5
Cha: 3    Per: 3     Com: 6

Skills:  Athletics 3, Deceive 1, Impress 1, Intimidate 3, Natural Attack 2, Natural Magic 1, Nature 3,  Mythology 2

Traits: Complex ● Greedy ● Narcissistic

Primary Actions

Bite and Claws
3 Melee Attacks
5D + 2 vs PD
Deals 1d10 + 4 damage.
Claw x 2
5D + 2 vs PD x 2
Deals 1d8 + 4 damage.

Tail Swipe
Melee Attack
5D + 2 vs PD ● Chain: 10 from Self ● Characters
Deals 1d12 + 8 damage. The Targets are Moved 5 hexes.

Dragon’s Breath
Ability Attack
5D + 2 vs PD ● Cone: 6 ● Characters

Deals 2d12 + 16 damage (energy, acid, necrotic, mental). If the Drake misses, the Targets take 5 damage.

Secondary Actions

Wing Buffet
Melee Attack
5D + 2 vs PD ● Blast: 1 from Self ● Characters
Targets are Moved 5 hexes away from the Drake.

Shrug it Off
The Drake can recover from a single Status Effect.

Free Actions

Once per Round the Drake can use its Tail Slap or Dragon’s Breath during its Movement.

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