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Delk (delk)

Physical Traits
Delk are usually around 180 cm tall. Their skin tone ranges from black to pale white. They have a wide range of hair colors. Delk come in every size and shape that normal humans do.

Example Male Names
Alen, Edwerd, Jon, Karter, Zeke
Example Female Names
Bella, Ellia, Mellani, Susan, Vivian
Example Family Names
Cooper, Fitz, Hill, Smith, Valanson

Inhabited Areas
Delk live in the far western part of Valan’s Rest. There are large tracts of fertile land and forests with few natural impediments. The entire area is known as Eastfield and it is filled with tiny kingdoms of Delk. Most cities in the Eastfield Nations have a wall around them and a fortified keep or barracks in the center. There are also city-states of less civilized Delk that live in a wilder area known as Ascension Fields to the south Eastfield.

The Delk Cultures
In Eastfield there are dozens of cities and small nations. Each one has its own set of rules and culture. The Ascension Fields cities are extremely varied as well, but there are some overarching similarities.
The Eastfield Nations span from the Sudden Mountains to the eastern coast of Valan’s Rest. The land is filled with small nations each with its own capital. Most of them are monarchies with kings, queens and a smattering of lesser nobles. Eastfield is agrarian and the citizens live a comfortable life thanks to the fertility of their land. They are a quiet and polite people but also have fairly rigid ideas about what is proper and correct.
Ascension Fields are a group of nations formed not by field workers but by live stockers. The land in Ascension Fields isn’t as arable and is used for rearing massive herds of livestock. Shepherds and cowboys will spend months navigating their livestock through the area while the animals get fat off the land. The land is fairly lawless with each ranch more or less fending for themselves. The lawlessness of the area makes Ascension Fields seem like a much more free area than Eastfield.

Delk in the Restless Sea
The Delk came to the Restless Sea from Eastfield. They pushed over difficult mountains and had to avoid the Whisperwood entirely. They settled first in Pintac and then began spreading from there. Pintac is still inhabited nearly entirely by Delk.
Redtide originally served as a launching point for the Delk exploratory ships into the Restless Sea, but as the Restless Sea became more settled and Redtide lacked in any useful resources the town began to turn toward piracy. It is now a mix of all the Kindred.
Delk make up more than half of the population of Winspire and the surrounding towns. The area is rocky but the land is airable enough to farm. The peaceful conditions make it one of the best areas to study magic and the agrarian lifestyle suits the Delk that live there and support the Windspire college.
The Delk were the first race to discover the fertile fields of Lundari. It was small parties sponsored by rich nobles at first. Large areas of land were cleared and plantations were built up. When the nobles of the Verdant heard of this the Mayanja were next to come. Now, Delk make up a little over half of Lundari.
The uncivilized Delk tribes of the Hungry Lands were also one of the first tribes to form Pelias, and now the Delk make up nearly a third of Pelias as well.
It is rare, but not unheard of, to find Delk west of Falmire or Pelias.

One thing the Eastfield Nations and Ascension Fields have in common is their worship of the seasons. Spring and Fall have the most avid followers and in some circles, it is considered distasteful to worship Summer or Winter.

Salt of the Earth
Many Delk prefer the quiet simple life. These Delk are usually from Eastfield. They are quiet and genteel and spend their time focused on growing things rather than tearing them down. They find happiness in the small joys of life.
Settlers and Explorers
Other Delk prefer to make a path for themselves. Most of these are from the Ascension Fields. They are rough and tumble and don’t take to other people’s rules very well. They are incredibly individualistic and ready to go off on their own whenever they feel the need.
Delk have found ways to put themselves in places of power throughout all of the Restless Sea. They are smart and cunning. Some of them are even well-intentioned and trying to do good.
Pirates and Savages
The Delk of Redtide and the Hungry Lands share much in common. They generally shun civilized society and are willing to do whatever it takes to make sure their tribe or ship comes out on top.


  • Bonus Tier 2 Skill. Choose one skill you have 0 Tiers in and gain 2 Tiers in it.
  • Bonus Tier 1 Perk
  • Bonus 1 XP at character creation

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