The Courts



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The Courts

A speech some high and mighty Shea once made:

Whether you are the highest and mightiest of the Shea or a lowly, pathetic, tiny, inconsequential fairy, nothing is more important than your Court.  More than your own flesh and blood your Court is your family.  More than your own king or queen your Court is your ruler.  It is the air you breathe and the bed you sleep on and some other third important thing.  Your Court defines who you are and what makes you you.  Why, a fey without a Court is really just an elf right?  And no one wants to be that.  So remember brothers and sisters, when the day comes for you to choose your Court choose wisely and follow your heart.  Whether you are the summer sun or the winter snow is all decided by your Court.

What is a Court?

A Court is a group of fey that all band together for common causes and goals.  Think of Courts like states without actual borders, and the citizens of those states all live together with citizens of other states.  Together these states make up a country that is all of feydom.  Fairies all work together but generally put the needs of their Court above the needs of the other ones, but in the end we’re all on the same team.

There are four recognized courts.  The Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter courts make up the whole of feydom.  There are other Courts too.  In our cart there is also the Sun, Moon, and Star Courts, although most of the Shea will turn their nose at them.  I’ve heard rumors there are other Courts as well, things like the River Court and the Arrow Court, but that’s probably brittletongue.

There is an eighth Court, kind of.  We collectively refer to it as the Wyld Court but it’s really nothing like a Court.  It’s just a group that we put all the nonjoiner fey into.

Great, but what does my Court do for me?

Excellent question, you self-serving silvermaid.  The Court does a lot for you.  When you joing a Court here’s a list of the things you get:

  • Strengths: Choose two How’s listed as your Court Strengths.  One of those How’s gets +2, the other one gets +1.
  • Weaknesses: Choose two How’s listed as your Court Weaknesses.  One of those How’s gets -2, the other one gets -1.
  • Court Training:  Choose one of your Court Taithi and get it for free.
  • Scene Setter:  You get a special power to magically predict or influence things that will happen on your Outings.

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