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  1. Axforge – Bittle Squeen needs the troop to escort the Crown of Night from his cave to a neighboring one to cement his marriage to that cave’s Princess.
    Twist – the Crown of Night was stolen by Bittle Squeen’s father from a colony of Gnashers living in the mines.
  2. Axforge – Jaximas Blackhand needs some rare and valuable gems stolen from a greedy banker to forge a powerful hammer.
    Twist – the gems are actually housing the soul of an evil spirit.
  3. Axforge – Ulder VonBeard is paying a handsome reward for anyone who can track down his missing son.  His son went missing shortly after coming of age.
    Twist – his son ran away to marry a dark elf cave elf.
  4. Axforge – Feen Hassi needs a message delivered to a remote mining cave.  The tunnels are narrow and hard to navigate.  The dwarves working there need to know they are about to awaken an angry volcano god.
    Twist – the Dwarves in that cave want to awaken the volcano god.
  5. Axforge – There are rumors that a group of deep Shea have hidden three magical gems in various hard to reach places throughout the city for fey to find.
    Twist – when touched the jewels summon the nearest cat to come and protect them.
  6. Tower of Ages – Jorkle and Himal want to be freed but it requires breaking a gigantic stone seal deep in the mountains.
    Twist – A cantankerous old dwarf has built his home on top of the seal.
  7. Tower of Ages – Jorar Pansfiasco has lost some valuable pages in her spellbook and has no idea where they’ve gone.
    Twist – The pages have become living origami and don’t want to go back in the spellbook.
  8. Tower of Ages – Bibi Bo’s cousin has gotten sick and needs a special medicine that can only be created by using moss that grows deep in the dungeons of the tower.  No one goes down there.
    Twist – Bibi Bo is just faking it to get the treasures deep in the dungeon.
  9. Tower of Ages – Olfari asks the troop to slay a pack of egg sucking weasels that has plagued his eyrie for years.
    Twist – The weasels are a peace loving group of hippies with very little sustenance other than the eggs.
  10. Tower of Ages – there is apparently a secret hidden in the stones at the very top of the tower.  But the top of the tower is full of all sorts of strange creatures.
    Twist – the strange secret can only be read by some of the creatures guarding it.
  11. Sinking Kingdom President Jax Alligator is getting old and needs a new set of teeth.  He needs the help of the exiled squirrel doctor to put in his replacement teeth but Dr. Fitz Mik won’t hear of it.
    Twist – A rival is paying Dr. Fitz Mik not to perform the surgery.
  12. Sinking Kingdom – Sir Kindlemast needs help rescuing a school of tadpoles from a drying puddle on the outsides of the swamp.
    Twist – It’s a trap set by Fachan fey to slay the greatest Knight in the swamp kingdom.
  13. Sinking Kingdom – One Thousand Thirteen is losing its nesting grounds to a swarm of mosquitos.  The need the mosquitos out.
    Twist – The mosquitos are being mind controlled by a Berberoka.
  14. Sinking Kingdom – Lady Mercedes, who is perfectly content being a snake, misses a few comforts from home, and asks the troop to rob a group of traveling luxury goods merchants.
    Twist – There is an adventurer with the merchants traveling to rescue Lady Mercedes.
  15. Sinking Kingdom – A ghost of a drowned dwarf is badgering the wagon as it travels around.  He wants to be buried with a bottle of whiskey.
    Twist – It has to be a very specific bottle of whiskey.
  16. Uberton – Karen El accidentally opened a tiny portal to some unknown realm that she can’t enter.  She wants the troop to investigate.
    Twist – The portal opens up into an evil dimension where the troop meets eviller versions of themselves.
  17. Uberton – Danny Colorado has been wooing a girl for some time and asks the troop to help him with the engagement.
    Twist – the woman is actually a Hag in disguise.
  18. Uberton  – Lance Pippo has crafted a tiny silver golem and it was stolen.  He wants the troop to find it and bring it back for him.
    Twist – A murder of ravens stole the golem and are worshipping it as a god.
  19. Uberton – Old Pontiac needs help convincing a family of moles to move out of a field before she plows it.
    Twist – the moles have been plotting to overthrow the farmer and take the field for themselves.
  20. Uberton – A group of evil fey attacks the cart and runs off with some of its treasure while the troop is out.  The mayor of the cart asks the troop to retrieve the goods.
    Twist – the evil fey are in cahoots with the town’s pigeons who are serving as their spies.
  21. Rich Human Oasis – Sheik Nalani wants the troop to dig up dirt about one of her political enemies.
    Twist – At the most inopportune moment a massive sandstorm hits the oasis.
  22. Rich Human Oasis – A small flock of Blink Dragons are stealing spices from Halabi Manala and he’d like them to stop.
    Twist – The Blink Dragons are stealing the spices for their mother who is addicted to them.
  1. Rich Human Oasis – a group of talentless bards has set up camp near Sway the Green and it would like them removed nonviolently.
    Twist – The bards leader is an extremely rich overly indulgent aristocrat.
  2. Rich Human Oasis – Ibsali Ufaefae wants the group to retrieve her most wonderfully crafted necklace from a man who stole it from her and broke her heart.
    Twist – the man is a Shea who collects shiny things.
  3. Rich Human Oasis – a school of strange fish has been spotted swimming in the water.  After seeing the fish most viewers are met with some sort of calamity.
    Twist – the school of fish is being controlled by a Fachan that uses them to cast curses.
  4. Elf Oasis – Pota Vavi wants the troop to break into and bust up a rival’s glassworking shop.
    Twist – after the glass is busted it turns into a large broken glass golem.
  5. Elf Oasis – Relawi Bofavi lost one of her best camels on the other side of the oasis and wants them to get it.
    Twist – the camel has run away to become the ruler of a herd of wild camels.
  6. Elf Oasis – Sluss Whim has been charged with drowning fishers and other people going out on the oasis.  She wants the group to clear her name.
    Twist – An evil elementalist is controlling Sluss Whim without her knowing.
  7. Elf Oasis – Ili Patil’s cart has been overrun by Redcaps and wants the group to help clear them out.
    Twist – Ili Patil was keeping them in the cart as prisoners to siphon their magic.
  8. Elf Oasis – Strange lights have been appearing in the trees at night and drawing people toward them.  This is making everyone tired.
    Twist – A saboteur illusionist is making the town tired.  His desert tribe is planning an attack soon.
  9. Scummy Oasis – Lokli Bakolo needs the group to procure a bottle of rare and interesting alcohol.
    Twist – the bottle has a dead highly venomous snake in it Lokli intends to animate.
  10. Scummy Oasis – Jubli Talala wants the group to bust his best group of pickpockets out of jail.
    Twist – there’s an evil Shea in his group of pickpockets
  11. Scummy Oasis – Poko Mobat wants the group to rob the local food merchants blind so she can have a feast to celebrate her birthday.
    Twist – the troop is not invited to her birthday party
  12. Scummy Oasis – Ix Litchi plans on raiding the towns bank and would like a map of it and also some information on the bank guards.
    Twist – the bank is being protected by a powerful magic spell and the floor plans change every day.
  13. Scummy Oasis – a sickness has infected the cart and the cure lies deep in the sewers of this place.
    Twist – the troop must infiltrate a Racha hive to do this.
  14. CUK – Teek Mikeek asks the troop to protect her supply of grubs for her and her children.
    Twist – her home is haunted by the souls of scorpions eaten and they want revenge
  15. CUK – Litskits asks the troop to help him track down and kill a snake that is killing mice without devouring them.
    Twist – the snake has been hired by Fachan to kill the mice.
  16. CUK – Lady Violet Mass needs a magical orb to summon the rains or they won’t come.
    Twist – The orb was stolen by an agent of Mr. Foggyhat to discredit Lady Violet Mass.
  17. CUK – A group of Berboka has created a small pond inside of Tunk Stug’s head and it’s driving him crazy.
    Twist – There is a plant growing in his skull that makes the characters numb.  All physical rucks rolls have a Bad.
  18. CUK – There is a rumor that if the Meerkat Tunnels were properly mapped it would spell a devastating secret about Old Foggyhat.
    Twist – it is written in a dead language
  19. Shea Capital – Oberon is feeling lazy this year and doesn’t want to hunt the white stag.  He asks the troop to go and convince the stag to come to him instead.
    Twist – the white stag has a plan to kill Oberon.
  20. Shea Capital – someone stole Titania’s diary and she is furious and offering a reward for anyone that returns it.
    Twist – her husband stole her diary
  21. Shea Capital – Puck wants to expose a corrupted elf noble in a nearby village for the villain he is but needs some hard evidence.
    Twist – the corrupted elf noble is actually Puck in disguise
  22. Shea Capital – Ariel is being hounded by a pack of wolves and can’t leave the village.  She’d like the troop to parlay with them.
    Twist – the wolves have no idea what the troop is talking about.  It’s actually a group of evil Mirrors.
  23. Shea Capital – There is supposedly a handful of evil Shea in disguise in the capital that need to be routed out.  They might have secrets about Old Foggyhat.
    Twist – one or two of them are actually double agents
  24. OFC – Old Fogghat has imprisoned a pixie queen in his private study that needs rescuing.
    Twist – The pixie queen is slowly falling in love with her captor.
  25. OFC – King Yargblag is running war games with Redcaps in the forest.  It would be an excellent opportunity to mess with the troops.
    Twist – a natural disaster also strikes while the troop is messing with the soldiers.
  26. OFC – Mifkins is putting on a concert for the evil Shea and if she does poorly she might be exiled, leaving the Berberoka in chaos.
    Twist – She was looking to defect anyway and needs a safe way to escape.
  27. OFC – Jixlixin is worried that her son might be uglier and therefore more fit a ruler than her.  She has hired assassins to have him killed.
    Twist – her son has also hired assassins to kill her.
  28. OFC – there is a sleeping stone giant under Old Foggyhat’s clearing.  If the troop can find a way to him they might be able to wake him up.
    Twist – the stone giant hates all Shea and fairies.
  29. Elf Village – Hayfella the Wise asks the group to expose a rival scholar as a fraud, and a dangerous one at that.
    Twist – The rival scholar, while stupid, is actually a very nice person and is using their fame for good.
  30. Elf Village – Galindadres asks the troop to check up on a delivery of clothes that has been slow in coming.
    Twist – the merchants delivering the clothes decided they liked them too much and have recently turned around and decided to go home.
  31. Elf Village – Tulilees wants to go an epic quest but can’t find any that are doable in the forest.  They are all either too hard or too simple.  She asks the troop to scout for a beast for her to slay.
    Twist – Tulilees is incredibly weak and is going to need a lot of talking up to make her quest seem heroic.
  32. Elf Village – Pointias asks the group to hunt down a group of forest bandits.
    Twist – It is a rival group of forest bandits to the one Pointias is secretly running.
  33. Elf Village – There is rumor of a wine so potent and delicious it can make you see the future tucked away deep in the mayor’s wine cellar.
    Twist – each fey can only drink once from the bottle.
  34. Monster Village – Gibbles the Ghost Goblin offers to haunt a target of the troop’s choice if they retrieve his old spear from the adventurer that killed him.
    Twist – The adventurer gave it to his son as a birthday present.
  35. Monster Village – Three Fangs the Wolf is keeping a group of Gnashers working for him and refusing to set them free.
    Twist – Three Fangs has an inside man in the group that tells him whenever the group plans to make an escape.
  36. Monster Village – Manx the Dark Elf were-panther wants the group to publicly humiliate his werewolf rival in the village in the most vicious ways possible.
    Twist – The werewolf goes feral when he is embarrassed.
  37. Monster Village – Org and Aliathiana want to bring some culture to the village.  They ask the troop to escort a group of bards to the monster village.
    Twist – the bards are actually adventurers looking to sneak in and raid the village, but are vastly outnumbered.
  38. Monster Village – The cart received word that somewhere in the Monster Village is a spell that can resurrect an old and powerful Shea.
    Twist – the spell is actually divided up into three different places.
  39. City on the Lake – Kalinda Folk’s personal boat has gone missing and she wants the troop to bring it back.
    Twist – The boat was stolen by her children to impress the other kids in the town.
  40. City on the Lake – Pete Miles would like the troop to guard his magical fishing rod while he sleeps.  Every morning it feels like it’s been used.
    Twist – The ghost of an old fisherman who hasn’t passed on yet keeps taking the fishing rod.
  41. City on the Lake – Lolo Nak asks the troop to spread word about her minstrel show and help her with it.
    Twist – dozens of Berboka are trying to sabotage her show for unknown reasons
  42. City on the Lake – Crazy Blue wants the group to go fishing with him.
    Twist – Everywhere Crazy Blue goes hunters are trying to catch him.
  43. City on the Lake – Apparently there is a floating city of fey and creatures underneath the expansive docks of the city with a marketplace that has all manner of goods.
    Twist – the marketplace is riddled with thieves and conmen trying to get whatever the troop has.
  44. Turtle Island – Trubell Sluss has been accused of eating one of the fish delegates and asks the group to help clear her name.
    Twist – the fish was eaten by one of the Gnashers from the fairy cart.
  45. Turtle Island – Klik asks the troop to help him assassinate an eagle that has eaten one too many protected members of Turtle Island.
    Twist – The eagle is actually the mount of a vicious redcap.
  46. Turtle Island – Maybelle asks the group to escort her back to her village on the other side of the lake.
    Twist – Maybelle is leading the troop into a Berberboka trap.
  47. Turtle Island – The School of Wizardy would like the troop to buy some rare magical components for it from a merchant vessel.
    Twist – the magical wares shopkeeper will not sell to fairies.
  48. Turtle Island – There is apparently a suit of magical armor and a sword buried somewhere on turtle island.
    Twist – there is a series of animals with ridiculous questions and riddles the group has to answer.
  49. Warring Archipelago – Chieftain Trug wants the troop to find out who has been convincing her troops to abandon the cause.
    Twist – The person convincing the troops to stop is a peace-loving Shea trying to end the wars.
  50. Warring Archipelago – Chieftain Jaklot wants the group to steal a rival chieftain’s pet puppy.
    Twist – the puppy is a polymorphed princess from a third tribe.
  51. Warring Archipelago – Chieftain Io asks the group to spy on an emissary that is on his way to their island so she can better seduce him.
    Twist – the emissary is engaged
  52. Warring Archipelago – Niles Fortune needs help recruiting other birds and scavengers to eat the dead bodies from the wars.  The only problem is that the other scavengers don’t want to organize.
    Twist – A group of evil Redcaps disguised as rats is foiling the negotiations.
  53. Warring Archipelago – There is a legend that the island in the center of the island is actually a fallen star and that there is a powerful magical gem in the center of the caves on that island.
    Twist – There are three other groups of fairy, Shea, and islanders searching for the crystal at that time.
  54. The Sideways Forest – Jitters Kaboom asks the group to help her retrieve a rare gear from a group of crows so she can complete her invention.
    Twist – the gear will bring Jitters Kaboom’s invention to life and it will be evil.
  55. The Sideways Forest – Elgrin is baking a delicious pie and wants the group to help him gather a large variety of nuts.
    Twist – a group of competitive chipmunks will do everything they can do to thwart the troop.
  56. The Sideways Forest – Beatrice Borgios wants to throw the greatest party the Sideways Forest has ever seen and asks the group to help her organize.
    Twist – Her social rival is doing everything he can to sabotage the party.
  57. The Sideways Forest – Kalio Matis asks the troop to come with him on a pirating expedition.  He plans on hitting up a small fishing boat and taking it for everything it’s worth.
    Twist – A young girl’s magical powers erupt when the group boards the boat.
  58. The Sideways Forest – Legend has it that at the base of the waterfall from the sideways forest is a giant cave with magical mushrooms.
    Twist – There is a troll guarding the mushrooms, but he is just very lonely.
  59. On the Road – A group of Redcaps is attacking a mother cat and her kittens.
  60. On the Road – An owl has been making it impossible for the fairies to leave the cart at night and gather food.
  61. On the Road – A dragon is sleeping in the middle of the road and the cart can’t pass.
  62. On the Road – The cart gets lost in a heavy fog and the group needs to find the road again.
  63. On the Road – The cart stumbles across a fallen temple that isn’t on the map.
  64. On the Road – A rattlesnake has gotten into the cart and is hiding somewhere in the undercarriage.
  65. On the Road – A beggar on the road keeps following the cart asking for more and more.
  66. On the Road – Another troop of fairies is on the run from a fox.
  67. On the Road – A group of Fachan have scared a farmer and their family from their home.
  68. On the Road – A Berboka is luring a large group of animals into the road.
  69. On the Road – A very rude swallow is continuously dive-bombing the cart, shouting insults, and scaring the kids.
  70. On the Road – A traveling merchant has abandoned a food cart.  There’s plenty of good food left but lots of insects to fight through.
  71. A wagon wheel has broken and the troop needs someone to fix it.
  72. Another troop has been caught outside the cart in a heavy downpour and needs rescuing.
  73. One of the fairies in the cart has become possessed by an evil spirit and needs it exorcised.
  74. The cart driver found a tome of magic on the road and read it and now he can’t sleep.
  75. A group of villagers has exiled a young woman from the village for being a witch when she really just has very bad luck.
  76. A group of peacocks refuses to let the cart pass until everyone in the cart watches their beautiful performance and properly thanks them.
  77. An old farmer desperately wants to sell the cart some not so fresh tomatoes to make enough money to pay his evil landlord.
  78. A small portal to a realm full of candy has opened up, but it turns out the group is robbing from a little girl’s dreamscape.
  79. Adlib – A (monster) is approaching the cart and seems very (emotion).
  80. Adlib – A group of (profession) are blocking the road in protest because the mayor of a nearby town committed (mild crime) and no one is doing anything.
  81. Adlib – A (small animal) is hiding from a (big animal) in a (type of building) and has sent an (insect) to ask the cart to help it escape to the (natural place)
  82. Adlib – (a person in the cart) is in love with a (large-sized race) and wants the troop to help them make the perfect cute meet.
  83. Adlib – (a piece of furniture) has magically come to life because a (profession) triggered a curse.  The (furniture) is trying to escape the curse and asks for help.  It is seeking a (magical beast) that apparently has the power to change it into a (fantasy race).


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