Shaping the World – The 0 Session



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What do we do at the 0 Session?

Every great adventure begins with a bit of planning, and your troop should do the same.  Before the game even starts, everyone should get together and talk about the fairy they want to be and the world they want to play in.  The troop should build their fairies together and then decide things about the Cart and the world at large.

Building a Fairy

This is the easy part.  Everyone should just build whatever they want to be and then be done with it.  The only problems arise when some fairies take the same powers or when the fairies hopes and dreams are at odds with each other.  While you’re all crafting your fairies be sure to work together to come up with a troop that seems fun to play.

  • Choose your Kith and write down your abilities.
  • Choose your Court.
    • Choose one Talent from your Court Talents.
    • Choose one Geasa.
    • Choose a +2 and +1 How from your Court Strengths
    • Choose a -2 and -1 How from your Court Weaknesses
  • Choose your mystery.
  • Choose your revelries.
Quick Question: Can my Strength and Weakness be the same How?

Ummmm… sure… I suppose. If you took your +2 Strength in the same How as your -2 Weakness that would be a net gain of 0.  You could also end up with just a +1 or a -1.  There’s nothing in the rules that says you can’t be more normal.

Troop Connections

Your troop is a unit and has a history together.  This doesn’t have to be a good history or a bad history and you get to define your history with another troop member.  After you’ve finished writing your fairy down pass it to each other member of the troop. They will write down a single secret or memory that they have with your fairy and you can do the same with theirs.  Be sure the Driver is aware of what you’re writing down.

There was something about a cart?

Your Cart is where you’re going to be spending most of your downtime and where the most important people in your life are.  You can add friends and family into the fabric of the cart or go the lone wolf route and not have anyone connected to you.  Whether or not you have friends and family the Cart does have a social structure.  Therefore, your troop will need to decide on the other fairies that are in the cart.  For each position listed be sure to include the following information:

  1. Their name
  2. Their occupation
  3. A defining physical characteristic
  4. A mystery about them

Here are the people you need to flesh out for your cart:

  • Cart Driver
  • Mayor
  • Most Influential Socialite
  • Rabblerouser

Your cart is magical and the inside of it is about the size of a small village.  The buildings in the cart raise up high though allowing for more fairies to live there.  When you begin the game there will be about 2,000 fairies living in the cart, give or take.

Your cart can be divided into blocks.  There are a total of 20 blocks in one cart.  One block can house 200 fairies so when you begin the game 10 blocks of your cart are already filled with the population of your cart.  Each fairy in the troop can choose what to do with one additional block by adding some kind of revelry or downtime activity spot into it.  It is assumed that there are other things in this block such as houses and schools and stuff like that. When all 20 blocks in the cart fill up you’d best buy a new cart or start tearing down some of the other stuff.

Here’s what the inside of your cart might look like:

What are these harsh realities?

There are downsides to being tiny fairies living outside of your forest in the great big world.  When the game starts there will be three Harsh Realities that the cart is facing. These are so that the Driver can give the troop something to do.  The troop should probably choose Harsh Realities that match with the goals of the troop.  If you want to go into battle with Old Foggy Hat at some point you should probably make him one of your problems.  If you just want to train dogs to dance you don’t really need to worry impending darkness type problems.  Here are some example Harsh Realities:

  1. The cart has no dependable source of food or water.
  2. Old Foggy Hat is pursuing the cart more than usual.
  3. Fairies are leaving the cart and running away to other fairies’ forests.
  4. Insects and other small animals keep getting into the cart through the undercarriage.
  5. There is no steady source of income to pay the driver of the cart.
  6. The cart needs more materials to build more housing or places to have fun.
  7. There is a magical plague infecting all of the cities the cart goes to.
  8. A local noble has decided ground up fairy is a good way to stay young forever.
  9. Magical beasts are drawn to the cart and keep getting in the way.
  10. There are ghosts haunting the cart.

How do we make a world?

This part is far less detailed but the Driver and Fairies should discuss what type of world they want to play in.  A map has been provided but not the setting, allowing for you all to play over and over again in any type of pretechnology setting you’d like.  Actually, post technology settings might work too, there just aren’t any Geasa or Taithi for them, but you’re smart, you could probably house rule it.  

Anyway, you should decide if this is a high fantasy, low fantasy, or heroic fantasy type of game.  There’s obviously going to be humans in the game but do you want there to be elves and dwarves?

Shea are other fey in the game.  They’re things like Banshees or satyrs or forest spirits.  What is the role of the Shea or powerful fey in the game? Do they interact regularly with the cart or are they far away and have no regard for you and your people?  What has the Cart’s role in the world of the Fey and their courts been so far?  

These are all things that should be discussed and hashed out during the 0 Session and once they’re done and your fairies are built you’ll be ready to play.


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